Zeiss Rifle Scopes

Zeiss Rifle Scopes

Zeiss Victory Riflescope sat down and loaded up his Facespace page. He had just come back from a whitetail hunt and he had pictures to load on his page to share with his friends. The whitetail image was so clear, his Lotu Tec lens coating with fully T* multicoating on all air-to glass surfaces provided superior light transmission and optimum contrast in the twilight hunt. The pictures showed his large field of view. He was full of precision adjustments and he made them work, getting on target quickly and accurately. His buddies would be impressed with the photos.

He then checked his home page updates and saw that his brother, Zeiss Victory Varipoint Riflescope had written a note about his bighorn sheep hunt. He told how his illuminated red dot worked to give a superior shot. He was such a flexible guy, his red dot changed when his magnification changed so that his bighorn was never obscured. He also mentioned how his diet was going, Varipoint was so lightweight and ultra-compact.

Moving on to his friends list, he saw that they had many different objective sizes, reticle configurations and laser rangefinding capabilities. His newest friend, Zeiss Victory FL Diavari Riflescope was precisely recording the great distances of the shots he had made. He described how his FL glass eliminated color fringing. He had also become a fan of two ballistic compensation options, BDC ballistic turrets, and Rapid-Z. That guy was also a fan of both mobile and Western hunters.

On his side bar he noticed that Victory Diavari Riflescope had started up a game of Hunterville, earning high points for accuracy and clarity. His brilliant optical performance, elegant ergonomic design, LotuTec lens coating, and choice of reticles had given him a lot of points for the game. He would soon be able to bag an elephant in the game with the heavy recoil that he could withstand. It was just another excuse to show off his 50 mm or larger objective lens.

The Victory Diarange Rangefinding Riflescope popped up on his screen, showing off his children. He had pictures of Optics, showing off his power and high-performance. His child, Laser Rangefinder, was shown showing off his supreme accuracy, unparalleled speed and precision with his RAPID-Z ballistic reticle. His daughter, LED Display, was excelling in her classes, she had awards in aiming, ranging, and shooting in one smooth motion and her laser was eye safe, class 1.

Just as he was about to close his session, Zeiss Conquest Riflescope popped up a chat window and said, “Hey buddy.”

“Hey. How’s it going?”

“Pretty good. The wife’s got me working. She knows that I can stand up to the most abusive recoil and demanding terrains, and she’s got me working hard. I’m ready for a vacation. But you should see the house. My Zeiss MC coating gives us enhanced light transmission, anodized finishes, and now we’re waterproof, dust proof and nitrogen filled to prevent fogging.”

“You ought to hold up well in all kinds of weather.”

“Yep. See ya at the shoot tomorrow. I’m inviting everyone on my Facespace page.”

He laughed. “With Zeiss Riflescopes, we’ll have an exciting competition.”

zeiss riflescopes

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