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Wilson Combat Introduces Ultima Lube II

After extensive testing and development, we are pleased to announce the availability of the all-new Ultima-Lube II line of lubricants and gun care products. As the high-performance firearms experts since 1977, we truly understand the value of a top quality lubrication system to keep your guns operational in demanding, high-round count environments across a wide spectrum of environments and temperatures.

You can finally replace that box of antiquated solvents and oils that were formulated at the turn of the century with super-slick and safe Ultima-Lube II and feel the difference!

Ultima-Lube II now comes in three exceptional lubricant choices to all of meet your firearms needs and an all-new lineup of bore cleaning products developed specifically to get your bore spotless without fear of damage from harsh chemicals or abrasives.

Wilson Combat® Ultima-Lube II is a blend of petroleum and synthetic lubricants specially formulated to insure optimal performance of any firearm and inhibit wear. The unique blend of lubricating fluids has proven ideal for today’s high-round count semi-auto weapons, whether manufactured of conventional steels, aluminum alloys or stainless steel.

We have found nothing superior to Ultima-Lube II for the proper lubrication and protection of the hand-fit custom firearms that Wilson Combat® is known for.

Ultima-Lube II is also near odorless and won’t spook game while in the woods and is an excellent rust preventative.

Ultima-Lube II is available in three lubricant formulations that work in a complimentary fashion:

Ultima-Lube II Oil

Thin viscosity penetrates hard to get to areas. Ideal for cold weather use. 150° to 10° temperature range. Excellent rust preventative for firearms storage.

2 oz bottle $6.95 4 oz bottle $9.95

Ultima-Lube II Universal

All purpose lube for all types of firearms. Stays put under extreme conditions. Recommended lube for Wilson Combat® handguns. 150° to 30° temperature range.

2 oz bottle $7.95 4 oz bottle $10.95

Ultima-Lube II Grease

Ideal for heavy wear areas. Stays put under extreme conditions. Recommended lube for AR-15 bolt carrier assemblies and semi-auto rifles. 150° to 45° temperature range.

2 oz bottle $6.95 4 oz bottle $9.95
Carbon Remover

Wilson Combat® Carbon Remover is a nonflammable specially formulated material used to remove the spent carbon and firing residue from your firearm. It is especially effective on black powder residue. Carbon Remover will also loosen copper fouling. When combined with our Bore Polish, you will find no better cleaning system. Carbon Remover contains NO ammonia and will not harm metals.

4 oz bottle $7.95
Bore Polish

Wilson Combat® Bore Polish will improve the condition of bores while removing copper fouling. Bore Polish contains NO ammonia or synthetics and will not harm metals. Bore Polish will remove copper from the lands and grooves while leaving the embedded copper, in the micro fractures of the bore, alone. The result is a smooth, polished bore which needs no fouling shot to be accurate.

4 oz bottle $10.95

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Wilson Combat
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