Wilson Combat Introduces New AR Products

Wilson Combat Introduces New AR Products

Wilson Combat’s® Tactical Rifle division builds some of the world’s best AR-15 style rifles, with our famous unequalled quality, relentless reliability, and superior service.

We are pleased to announce new AR Style Products:
10/2 Quick Detach Swivel Attachment, Rail Mount

Our 10/2 Quick Detach Swivel Attachment is designed to keep your slung rifle close to you instead of canting outward away from your body.

* Mounts QD Sling Swivel In The 10 Or 2 o’Clock Position $39.95
* Keeps Your Slung Rifle Close To You Instead Of Canting Outward Away From Your Body
* Accepts The Heavy Duty Push Button Quick Detach Sling Swivel
* Can Be Mounted On The Side Or Top Rails For More Versatility
* Machined From Steel For Maximum Durability
* Hard Coat Finish Resists Corrosion

Suppressor, .223/5.56mm, Titanium, Rapid Thread Attachment

* Titanium Construction For Minimal Added Muzzle Weight $995.00
* Rapid Thread Attachment For Quick And Easy On / Off
* Includes Super Efficient Muzzle Break / Interface
* Caliber – .223 / 5.56mm
* Diameter – 1.5″
* Length – 6 5/8″
* Weight – 15 oz.

Rapid Thread Attachment For Quick and Easy On / Off Of Our Titanium Suppressor

* Caliber – .223 / 5.56mm $59.95

Tressa Logue, (800) 955-4856 Ext 104 or tressa2@wilsoncombat.com

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