Webyshops Begins Selling Firearms And Ammunition Online

Webyshops Begins Selling Firearms And Ammunition Online

ARLINGTON, Texas, March 6, 2014: Outdoor retailer Webyshops.com has announced that they will begin selling firearms and ammunition to all US online customers. With this recent move, Webyshops challenges the likes of other online firearm and ammunition retailers like Midway USA, Brownells, and Cheaper Than Dirt.

Webyshops CEO Mikhail Orlov recently commented on his excitement about venturing into online firearm and ammunition sales:

“While firearm sales in general and online specifically are a hot political topic today, the industry is lacking companies that can do it in full compliance with Federal and State laws while also delivering an exceptional shopping and customer service experience. We believe we can do both.”

Orlov went on to further describe how rare it is to find a reliable online retailer for firearms and ammunition: “Google and Amazon are starting to shun businesses in the shooting industry by removing product listings and shutting down ads that focus on gun accessories and parts. We see this as an opportunity to fill in the void and provide law abiding citizens with access to exceptional values on firearms, ammunition, scopes, and other accessories from over 300 brands and 250,000 SKUs.”

Part of their new online sales campaign involves educating the consumer on the legal and safe way to acquire firearms from legitimate sources at prices unmatched by big box stores. Now customers can easily follow their guidelines to make the process painless. Once approved for transfer, a customer can have the firearm of their choice shipped to an authorized FFL certificate holder or dealer in just a matter of days.

What are the advantages of purchasing a firearm online from Webyshops? Unlike most stores that have high cost of retail space, Webyshops maintains lower prices on their inventory because they operate more like Sam’s Club or Costco. In addition, Webyshops is electronically connected to key manufacturers and distributors in the outdoor industry. This gives customers an insider opportunity to buy direct at almost wholesale prices. Webyshops’ strong connectivity also translates into inventory that covers not hundreds, but thousands of firearms and accessories. Because of their diversified product offering, Webyshops customer service representatives can find gun parts based on the year and model of a firearm. Think an automotive parts store solution for firearms and outdoor equipment.


Like many prominent retail sites on the web, you can trace the origins of Webyshops to a small home office. Founded by a tight knit group of outdoor retail industry veterans in 2010, CEO Orlov and associates noticed there was a gap between sites that were selling firearms and sites that were focused on general outdoor gear. The former typically looked homemade and lacked the functionality consumers expect. The latter did not offer the shooting products that Webyshops’ founders considered to be in high demand. Building on the formula that customers want knowledge and direction alongside low prices, site functionality, and good design, Webyshops began by exclusively selling sports optics. Success soon saw the company expand to the entirety of the outdoor equipment market. Today they are committed to being the personal gear outfitter for every variety of shooter and outdoor explorer. In addition to their ever-growing list of online products, Webyshops also maintains a spacious Show Room at their Arlington, Texas headquarters.

For more information on how to purchase firearms online from Webyshops visit: How To Buy A Firearm Online.

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