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The Sharpshooter™ Full Silhouette Target From Birchwood Casey® Provides a Perfect Backdrop For Self Defense Practice

The new Sharpshooter Full Silhouette Target from Birchwood Casey® is perfect for all firearms and calibers.

The target is blue on one side and white on the other for excellent visibility in low light conditions and both indoor and outdoor ranges.

Sharpshooter targets are built using a tough corrugated plastic that will absorb hundreds of shots from either pistols or rifles.

The full silhouette size provides for a realistic training experience.

The Sharpshooter Full Silhouette works well with any Birchwood Casey target, including Shoot-N-C and Dirty Bird oval targets, which are designed for silhouette shooting.

The Sharpshooter Full Silhouette Target sells for a suggested retail price of $9.70 each and is available in quantities of one, 18 and 200.


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