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The New Butler Creek Baby UpLULA Loader Takes The Hassle Out Of Loading Pistol Magazines

Overland Park, KS. — The new Baby UpLULA loader from Butler Creek is a military quality universal pistol magazine loader and unloader for virtually all 22 LR through 380 caliber guns.UPLUL Universal pistol mag

The Baby UpLULA takes the hassle out of trying to use your thumb to push cartridges into your pistol magazine, or trying to unload magazines one cartridge at a time. It speeds up reloading times considerably, letting you spend more time shooting. The Baby UpLULA loader works with single stack magazines from all manufacturers.

The Baby UpLULA Loader is small and lightweight and is constructed of a durable, reinforced polymer plastic. It will easily fit into a range bag or pocket. It will fit 380 Walther PPK/S 7Rd, 38 Ruger LCP 6 Rd, .32 Walther PPK/S 8Rd, .25 Beretta M950 8Rd, .22 SIG Mosquito 10Rd, .22 Walther TPH 6Rd, .22 Mossberg 702 10Rd, .22 Marlin Bolt Action 10Rd and others.


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