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The Duck Commander Teams with Carry-Lite

The Duck Commander Teams with Carry-LiteTo those duck hunters who take a casual approach to their hunting, we have a message: STEP ASIDE. Phil Robertson, aka “The Duck Commander,” and his elite team of duck hunting fanatics are on a quest to change the way that we hunt waterfowl. In doing so, Duck Commander has joined forces with Carry-Lite decoys to bring realistic duck decoys to the market with the new series of Duck Commander Decoys.

Duck Commander Decoys are made with high-quality material that provides durability and helps produce an ultra-realistic, molded-in plumage. Each species of Duck Commander decoys – mallard, gadwall, blue-winged teal and green-winged teal – feature meticulous feather detail and color.

With their “Duck Commander” duck decoys from Carry-Lite in tow, the “Duckmen of Louisiana” are making their way out of the Louisiana marsh to teach us the secrets that they have learned from a lifetime of hunting ducks. Join Duck Commander on their quest to change duck hunting forever and start hunting with your very own Carry-Lite “Duck Commander” duck decoys today.

Each species is sold with a combination of drakes and hens, and is available in 6-packs and 12-packs.


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