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How to Fill a Zippo by Cutlery Lover

Cultery Lover shows how to fill your Zippo lighter.  Not sure how to fill your Zippo?  Watch this video by cutlerylover on how to fill your Zippo Lighter.   He also gives a few explanations on the working parts of the Zippo brand lighters.  Watch this video, then order your Zippo lighter from Webyshops.com.

Zippo Reusable Hand Warmers

Watch this video review on Zippo Hand Warmers from P&P Outdoors.

Want to keep your hands warm in the cold weather but tired of spending so much money on disposable hand warmers? Nick Pullano and Kyle Parker of P&P Outdoors review Zippo’s reusable hand warmers. Nick and Kyle also show us how to use the hand warmers.