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Timney’s Announces Replacement Trigger for Savage Rifles With AccuTriggers


Phoenix, Arizona (January 30, 2013) – Top competitors demand excellence from them. Veteran hunters rely on them. First-timers use them to become more accurate shooters. At Timney Triggers, we build the best triggers in the world for those who know it can all come down to that one shot and how important every pull of the trigger is.

“From hunters to competitive shooters to long-range benchrest, people are looking for that edge – that advantage that helps them improve their accuracy,” said John Vehr of Timney. “We understand that edge and we have invested in the best manufacturing technology available today to create the absolute best triggers possible.”

Timney Triggers, the oldest and largest trigger manufacturer in the world, has been making replacement triggers since 1946. By looking for ways to improve our products and by listening to our customers, some incredible triggers have been designed and built.

“Building the best triggers in the world is more than investing in cutting-edge machines,” Vehr added. “It’s about investing in passionate people who understand and demand the utmost in everything we do at Timney. It’s all about great people and listening to our customers.”

The new Timney replacement trigger for Savage rifles with AccuTriggers is the latest “Customer’s Choice” trigger in the series of triggers designed specifically from our customers’ requests.

“If you visit Timney Triggers, you’ll find a machine shop so clean you can eat off the floor. You’ll also see machines so complicated you’ll feel like Darth Vader might step around the corner at any moment,” wrote Richard Mann – GUNS Magazine contributor. “More importantly, you’ll find a building full of folks dedicated to serving customers who are passionate about shooting.” 1

For more information on Timney, look for GUNS Magazine 2013 Special Edition or check us out online atwww.timneytriggers.com .

Chris Ellis

Timney Introduces Lefty Trigger for Remington 700 Rifles

Phoenix, Arizona – What do Samuel Colt, Henry Ford, J. Edgar Hoover and Mark Twain all have in common? They were all left handed. Timney Manufacturing understands that regardless which hand you use to pull a trigger with, you should have a good trigger. That’s exactly why Timney is now offering triggers for left hand Remington model 700 rifles. In the Timney tradition, these new left hand triggers require no gunsmithing, are fully adjustable, deliver the same crisp pull and offer the shot to shot consistency Timney triggers have become famous for.

Timney Manufacturing has been making replacement triggers for the Remington Model 700 rifles for over forty-four years. In 2006, Timney began producing a new trigger for the Remington 700 which comes complete with safety; the only drop-in, after market trigger with the safety included. This was a totally new design with a safety that blocks the trigger not the sear. For 2010, Timney is offering this same trigger, as well as the model 700 trigger without a safety, for left hand Remington model 700 rifles. Now left handed hunters, target shooters and even tactical marksmen who rely on the Remington 700 can enjoy the benefits of a Timney trigger.

Each Timney Trigger is geometrically identical with tolerances less than .0005″. The trigger housing features machined work surfaces that are milled from solid billet. All working parts are CNC machined with all contact / wear surfaces hardened and polished to provide you with years of dependable service. The trigger components are machined using state-of-the-art electrical discharge machines (EDM) from high-grade solid steel.

Since founded in 1946, Timney Manufacturing has built a reputation based on quality products. Because of the precision machining and workmanship that goes into every Timney product they are often referred to as “The World’s Finest Triggers” and they are used exclusively by some of the world’s most renowned custom gun builders.

Visit the Timney booth (# 1635) at the 139th NRA Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC during May 14-16, 2010. See Timney’s new left hand triggers for Remington 700s,Timney’s new replacement trigger for the Mosin Nagant and the revolutionary 870 Trigger Fix for Remington 870 shotguns. You’ll also get a sneak peak at Timney’s new Archery Trigger.