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Silhouette III Targets

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Dirty Bird® Silhouette III Targets From Birchwood Casey® Provide Challenging Shooting Practice

New Dirty Bird® Silhouette III targets from Birchwood Casey® offer shooters a challenging and realistic training aid.

The hostage scenario style targets are great for military and law enforcement training. The multi-colored Dirty Bird targets are designed with a coating that flakes off upon bullet impact to reveal chartreuse, designating a good hit, or white, indicating a poor hit.

The targets are constructed of a durable, flexible plastic with a non-adhesive back that allows shooters to affix them to a variety of surfaces. They are easy to write notes on and can be taken down and saved for future reference.

Dirty Bird Silhouette III targets measure 12″x18″ and come in packs of 8, 100 or 500. Suggested retail prices are $4.95 for the 8-pack, $122.20 for the 100-pack and $555.00 for the pack of 500 targets.

For more information, consumers can log onto the Birchwood Casey website at www.birchwoodcasey.com, write to 7900 Fuller Road, Eden Prairie, MN 55344-2195 or call 800.328.6156 x7933.