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Deal of the Day by Webyshops: SAFARILAND Double Cuff


The SAFARILAND Double Cuff, 10 Pack, White (8220-3-10) offers two individual cuffs rather than the standard single strap. It gives an officer the ability to control a suspect after one handcuff is placed on the suspect’s wrist/forearm.

Designed to handcuff a suspect using standard handcuffing techniques. One Double Cuff does the job of two standard single-strap disposable handcuffs. Double Cuff can be used to secure a suspect’s legs at the ankles.

One Double Cuff can be used to interlock into another Double Cuff through the slots in the locking head.

Double Cuff can be used to secure a suspect to the railing of an ambulance cot to make transportation to a hospital safer for medical personnel, patient and officer. It reduces stress in the suspect’s shoulders while handcuffed from behind.


  • Double Cuff features gives the officer greater control and the ability to stabilize the subject after one cuff is in place
  • Two individual cuffs rather than the standard sinfle cuff for controling both wrists / forearms and ankles
  • Stamdard length is 34″ / 86.36cm
  • 1/2″ (1.27cm) wide beveled edges to reduce potential for subject injury
  • Ample space for writing down subject information
  • Tensile strength for more than 400lbs /240kg
  • Two cuffs in one, which allows for quicker subject control
  • 10-Pack
  • White Finish