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Open Box by Webyshops:HAWKE Sidewinder 30 Tactical 8.5-25×42 Riflescope

HAWKE Sidewinder 30 Tactical 8.5-25×42 Riflescope, 1/2 Mil Dot 20x IR Reticle, Matte Black (HK4030)
Price: $400.00 (Regular price: $499.99)
Quantity: 1
To place an order email cs@webyshops.com. Copy and past the following into the subject line of your email: Interested in Open Box Item HAW-HK4030. Alternatively, call 800-851-9329 between 8 am and 6 pm Central Standard Time to place your order.

Open Box by Webyshops: HAWKE Varmint Side Focus 4-16×44 Rifle Scope

HAWKE Varmint Side Focus 4-16×44 Rifle Scope, 1/2 Mil Dot Reticle (HK5134)
Price: $199.99
Quantity: 1
To place an order email cs@webyshops.com. Copy and past the following into the subject line of your email: Interested in Open Box Item HAW-HK5134. Alternatively, call 800-851-9329 between 8 am and 6 pm Central Standard Time to place your order.

RAPID-RETICLE Pride Fowler Industries 2.5-10×40 Illuminated Rifle Scope

The RAPID-RETICLE Pride Fowler Industries 2.5-10×40 Illuminated Rifle Scope (RR-900-4) was designed to military specifications for US Army snipers and infantrymen shooting both .223 Remington (5.56 NATO) and .308 Winchester (7.62 NATO) rifles.

With the patented Rapid-Reticle ballistic reticle and integrated head and shoulders ranging system, military snipers and infantrymen can now acquire targets faster and accurately shoot without manual adjustments. The illumination extends the use of the scope in low light conditions and has been designed to work with night vision equipment.

Field tested thoroughly by veteran snipers, this scope has been accepted as a standard through the US Army Force Modernization division where the RR-900-4 surpassed all expectations.

Noted as a force multiplier, the Rapid-Reticle 2.5-10×40 Illuminated Riflescope has emerged as an exemplary necessity for both combat and commercial applications.

SALE Price: $1,699.00

Deal of the Day by Webyshops:LEUPOLD VX-6 2-12×42 Rifle Scope

The LEUPOLD VX-6 2-12×42 Rifle Scope, Illuminated FireDot LR Duplex Reticle, Matte Black (111980) has unique features you can imagine – legendary ruggedness, stunning optics, and a huge 6x zoom ratio that shortens the distance to your next trophy. With the VX-6 atop your favorite rifle, the advantage is all yours.

The VX-6 features a powerful 6:1 zoom ratio that is crystal clear from edge to edge – across the entire magnification range. Use the lowest power setting for a wider field of view on fast moving, close game. Use the mid-range settings to bring targets in just right without losing image quality or accuracy. Or turn to the highest power setting to pull those distant targets in tight for a closer look and more precise shot placement. You get stunning clarity, color fidelity, and razor sharp images throughout the entire eyebox and power range.

The Twin Bias Spring Erector System features beryllium/copper alloy leaf springs to withstand the most intense abuse. Built with up to 30 percent more holding force, it virtually eliminates erector system backlash and stress.

The generous eyebox of the VX-6 series makes it faster and easier to get your eye behind the riflescope and achieve a full, clear sight picture. Setting up for longer shots, you’ll appreciate the flexibility the VX-6 affords, and in close-up big game or dangerous game situations, the quick target acquisition will be the difference maker. Even at high power, the longer eye relief and more generous eyebox gives you incredible latitude and an improved sight picture that fills the eyepiece completely.

The Xtended Twilight Lens System takes all Leupold knowledge, expertise, and experience with light transmission and moves it one step closer to perfection, matching the proper balance of lens coatings with specifically engineered glass and index of refraction. The result allows you to reach deeper into twilight and low-light settings, helping you to better distinguish antlers from branches and animal hide from brush.

Exterior lens surfaces treated with Leupold exclusive DiamondCoat 2 provide the best abrasion resistance Leupold has ever offered – exceeding even military standards. DiamondCoat 2 offers unsurpassed durability while boosting light transmission for greater brightness, clarity, and contrast.

The VX-6 riflescope offers better optical clarity as a result of its meticulously cut and polished, lead-free glass lenses. In addition to its superior optics, the lenses are produced with none of the environmentally damaging by-products common to standard glass production.

Another Leupold-unique feature the blackened lens edges, which work to reduce unwanted glare and diffusion through the lens edges. By using edge blackening, stray light is absorbed rather than reflected, resulting in better resolution, improved contrast, and superior optical performance: no matter what the conditions.

This model VX-6 2-12×42 Rifle Scope comes with an Illuminated FireDot LR Duplex reticle, which will assist you with accurate, repeatable, and ethical long-range shooting. It features a Duplex central aiming point for rifles zeroed at 200 yards, and calibrated hold points for 300, 400 and 500 yards. The illuminated reticle features second generation LED technology, nearly twice as bright as previous models, with multiple intensity settings for precise shot placement in low-light situations.

The extreme fast-focus eyepiece provides for more diopter travel to accommodate a wider spectrum of visual acuity. Near-sighted, far-sighted, or anywhere in between, adjusting the focus of the VX-6 is smooth, fast, and precise. An Alumina rubber eyepiece guard is included with every scope.

Dialing in your VX-6 is easy and instantaneous with pop-up re-zeroable finger click adjustments that the user can convert to CDS adjustments. This unique system allows you to match your scope to your specific ballistics and environmental conditions (Comes with one FREE CDS dial. Additional dials available).

The VX-6 riflescope takes advantage of Leupold Second Generation waterproofing, using an exclusive Argon/Krypton gas blend. This combination of gasses resists thermal shock more effectively than ever before and reduces the diffusion of internal gases over time. Absolute waterproof integrity is guaranteed.

NRA and Shooting Illustrated Recognize Bushnell with 2013 Golden Bullseye Award for Optic of the Year

Published on Monday, 29 April 2013 04:03

Overland Park, Kan. — Bushnell Outdoor Products, an industry-leader in high performance sports optics and outdoor accessories for 65 years, will be recognized at the 2013 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits with a 2013 Golden Bullseye Award. The Bushnell Elite Tactical 3.5-21x 50mm HDMR was selected by Shooting Illustrated as Optic of the Year.

The 2013 Golden Bullseye Award winners were selected by a seven-member committee from NRA Publications who collectively have more than a century of experience in the shooting and hunting industry. Products selected for a Golden Bullseye Award must be innovative in design and function, reliable in the field and perceived as a value for consumers.

The Elite Tactical 3.5-21x 50mm HDMR gives shooters the flexibility of a wide field of view at low power settings, while providing outstanding long range performance and image clarity at high magnification. Featuring fully multi-coated optics and the proprietary Ultra Wide Band and RainGuard HD coatings from Bushnell, the HDMR delivers color fidelity across the light spectrum and unprecedented low-light performance in any condition. In partnership with Horus Vision, Bushnell outfitted the HDMR with the popular H59 reticle, a fine grid optical system positioned in the first focal planethat doesn’t obscure targets at longer ranges and eliminates the need for manual adjustments.

Constructed with a 34mm, one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum alloy tube, the HDMR offers professional-grade toughness in a package just over 13 inches long. The large tube combined with a 50mm objective lens provides increased light transmission and 29 mils of elevation (5 mils per revolution), allowing shooters to dial-up for extended range shots. T-Lok™ locking target turrets ensure that the .1 mil click adjustments remain constant, and the side parallax adjustment offers image clarity at all ranges.

NRA Publications will present the 2013 Golden Bullseye Awards at a special breakfast during the 2013 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits on Fri., May 3, in Houston, Texas.

Bushnell Outdoor Products is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer products. Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, the company sells its products worldwide under the Bushnell®, Bee StingerButler Creek®, Final Approach®, Gold TipHoppe’s®, Millett®, Night OpticsPrimos®, Simmons®, Stoney Point®, Tasco®, Uncle Mike’s®, Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement®, and the following eyewear brands: Bollé®Cébé® and Serengeti®. For information about any of these brands or products, please contact Bushnell Public Relations at (913) 752-6105.

Word Doc Press Release

2013 NRA Golden Bullseye Award

Elite Tactical 3.5-21x50mm HDMR


Mike Capps
(573) 898.3422
E-mail: mcapps@howardcommunications.com
Paul Arnhold – Bushnell Outdoor Products
(913) 752-6105
E-mail: parnhold@bushnell.com

Check Out the Latest Leica Sport Optics at NRA Annual Meetings


Leica Sport Optics invites you to stop by booth #3811 during the NRA 2013 Annual Meeting & Exhibits to see and handle some of its newest products. Leica is officially unveiling the new Leica ER i riflescope models during the NRA event to be held in Houston, Tex., May 3-5 2013. Get a close-up look at the ER i 2.5-10×42 and the ER i 3-12×50 riflescopes, as well as the new Geovid HD-B laser rangefinder binoculars.

Boasting a lean and classic design, the two models feature Leica’s legendary optical performance and the addition of an illuminated red dot, available in three reticle configurations: 4a, Ballistic and IBS.

The ER i features a large and ergonomically designed setting dial on the left side of the riflescope, so even a gloved hunter can easily activate and adjust the illuminated dot on the reticle. Nine brightness settings, as well as clearly defined “On/Off” positions, guarantee a clear and distinct view, even during low-light hours when game animals are most active.

Leica’s sophisticated, energy-saving system ensures maximum battery conservation. On the brightest setting, the battery lifetime in continuous mode is more than 40 hours and more than 210 hours on the intermediate setting. Plus, with Leica’s intelligent “Auto On/Off” function, the illumination will turn off when not in a regular shooting position or when left on unintentionally, providing even longer battery life.

You also won’t want to miss the opportunity to examine the Geovid-HD B. This new laser rangefinder binocular contains advanced ballistics technology enabling users to add/create their own custom ballistics info for their specific firearm as well as class-leading ranging abilities.

The newly developed ballistic function ABC™ (Advanced Ballistic Compensation) provides the proper aim point for the hunter and shooter. The Geovid HD-B’s integrated, highly precise ballistic processor can instantly gather and analyze the ballistic information with one touch of the button, giving accurate information for the correct hold over, turret adjustment or drop down reticle aiming point. When calculating the trajectory, the distance, angle, temperature and air pressure are all taken into account.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to review the latest in Leica new products and innovations. They’ll be plenty of Leica representatives on-hand to answer your questions regarding the impressive new products.

For more information, check out www.leica-sportoptics.com, and visit Leica’s Facebook page athttp://www.facebook.com/LeicaHunting. For Leica Sport Optics press releases and high-res images of this product and others, visit the Leica Sport Optics media room at http://www.touchpoint-management.com/leica.

Stephanie Mallory
Mallory Communications, Inc
Email: stephanie@mallorycommunicationsinc.com

MINOX Introduces Enhanced Line of ZE 5i Riflescopes


After a successful launch of their premium ZE 5i riflescopes last year, MINOX has announced an expansion and enhancement of the line, including different reticles and a Z-Rail mount for highest stability when shooting.

There now are three different illuminated reticles available – German 4, for twilight conditions; BDC for long shooting distances; and Center Dot for precision. All are dimmable in 11 brightness settings, so the target is quickly and reliably sighted. Objective lens components have the innovative M* multi-coating for excellent light transmission.

All four models of the ZE 5i riflescopes feature a 30mm main tube and a 5x magnification, offering maximum flexibility and precision for short- and long-range shooting distances. The shock-resistant body, made of a special anodized aluminum, is watertight and has Argon gas filling for protection of internal optical elements.

The new MINOX ZE 5i line will be available in four basic models: 1-5×24, 2-10×50, 3-15×56 and 5-25×56, with various reticle options. As with all MINOX riflescopes, these premium “Made in Germany” models, priced under $2,000, will be covered by the MINOX Total Coverage Lifetime Warranty for added peace of mind, for as long as one owns the product.

Open Box by Webyshops: NIKON Monarch 2.5-10×42 Riflescope

NIKON Monarch 2.5-10×42 Riflescope, BDC Reticle, Matte Black (8411)
Price: $350.00 (Regular price: $359.00)
Quantity: 1
To place an order email cs@webyshops.com. Copy and past the following into the subject line of your email: Interested in Open Box Item NIK-8411. Alternatively, call 800-851-9329 between 8 am and 6 pm Central Standard Time to place your order.

Deal of the Day by Webyshops: BURRIS Eliminator II 4-12×42 Rangefinding Rifle Scope

The BURRIS Eliminator II 4-12×42 Rangefinding Rifle Scope (200114) is the enhanced version of the original Eliminator. It ranges to 999 yards – once calibrated (centerfire / slugs / muzzleloader / rimfire) – the red dot works at any magnification.

This scope also has built in inclination compensation. It comes with remote control.

Burris is the unequivocal expert in automated trajectory compensation and the Eliminator II provides expert shooters with a level of sophistication only imaginable before now.

Price: $999.00


Open Box by Webyshops: NIK-8440 riflescope

Price: $440.00 (Regular price: $499.95)
Quantity: 1
To place an order email cs@webyshops.com. Copy and past the following into the subject line of your email: Interested in [URL=”http://www.riflescopes.webyshops.com”]Open Box Item NIK-8440[/URL]. Alternatively, call 800-851-9329 between 8 am and 6 pm Central Standard Time to place your order.