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2012 SHOT Show – Vortex Crossfire Rifle Scopes

2012 SHOT Show – Vortex Crossfire Rifle Scopes

Bushnell Expands its No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

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January 2012
Mike Capps
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Paul Arnhold – Bushnell Outdoor Products
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Bushnell Expands its No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Overland Park, Kan. Bushnell Outdoor Products, an industry leader in high performance sports optics for more than 60 years, has expanded its Bulletproof Guarantee to include several leading lines of binoculars, riflescopes and spotting scopes and its entire line of hunting laser rangefinders. With the peace of mind that comes from a no-risk, money-back guarantee, consumers can choose Bushnell with added confidence.

Originally introduced with the Legend Ultra HD binocular product line in 2011, Bushnell guaranteed that if customers were not completely satisfied with the product, the company would buy it back, no questions asked for up to one year from the original date of purchase.

For 2012, Bushnell has expanded the Bulletproof Guarantee to cover the Elite, Excursion EX, Legacy WP, Legend Ultra HD and Trophy XLT families of binoculars; Elite, Legend Ultra HD and Trophy XLT families of riflescopes and spotting scopes; and all hunting laser rangefinders.

“At Bushnell performance is everything, and our new Bulletproof Guarantee lets consumers validate that firsthand,” said Phil Gyori, Bushnell Outdoor Products executive vice president of marketing. “Consumers have trusted Bushnell to deliver quality and dependable products for more than 60 years. Now they can try Bushnell risk-free, knowing that we are so confident in our products we stand behind them 100 percent,” added Gyori.

For more information about the Bushnell Bulletproof Guarantee, visit ______________. To learn more about Bushnell Outdoor Products and its complete line of sports optics and outdoor technology, visit www.bushnell.com or call 1-800-423-3537.

Bushnell Outdoor Products is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer products based in Overland Park, Kansas. Bushnell Outdoor Products sells its products worldwide under the Bushnell®, Tasco®, Serengeti®, Bollé®, Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement®, Stoney Point®, Hoppe’s®, Butler Creek®, Cébé®, Millett®, Uncle Mike’s®, Final Approach® and Simmons® brand names.

Season’s Savings on the Premium Leica ER Riflescopes

Leica is pleased to present its entire line of high performance Leica ER Riflescopes at new Value Pricing. These field-proven, brilliant scopes are now more affordable than ever. Contact your authorized Leica dealer to get one for yourself today just in time for the 2011-12 hunting season.

Outstanding optical performance, precise and accurate mechanical adjustments, unsurpassed ruggedness, and now, highly competitive price points, make the ER Riflescopes the best value in high-performance riflescopes on the market today.

Known for brilliant optics and precision mechanics, the Leica ER Series riflescopes boast a best-in-class, 4-inch eye relief for safer shooting, especially with heavier calibers. The compact eyepiece design and generous straight tube space fore and aft provide mounting versatility. The scopes’ lenses are always ready for action thanks to Leica’s high-tech AquaDura™ water- and dirt-repelling coating, which not only protects the glass but makes cleaning a breeze. Fitting easily into a hunter’s rifle case or scabbard, the moderate-sized ER 2.5-10×42 and 3.5-10×42 are ideal for hunting rifles used in rugged, back-country hunting camps that require transport by horse or plane.

Featuring all the performance and durability you’ve come to expect from Leica, the premium ER Riflescopesri are a must for hunters who enjoy taking their hunt to the extreme.

For more information, check out www.leica-sportoptics.com.

For a higher resolution image, please email LeicaPR@touchpoint-management.com.

Stephanie Mallory
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MINOX Riflescope Named Best of the Best for 2011

MINOX, known best for their legendary spy camera and wide range of high-quality binoculars, now has established a strong position in riflescopes as their ZA5 1.5~8×32 with Versa-Plex reticle has been named Best of the Best for 2011 by Field & Stream.

In his evaluation of the ZA5 1.5~8×32 after field tests, Thomas McIntyre said, “As constitutionally suspicious as I am of the whole concept of one-size-fits-all, I must say that Minox’s effort at building a scope for use on a shotgun, mountain rifle, or big-bore dangerous- game stopper is remarkably successful.”

One of a comprehensive line of 31 MINOX riflescopes, the ZA5 1.5~8×32 offers the features hunters want most. Designed, engineered and tested in Germany and assembled in the USA, it has glass from SCHOTT and MINOX M* multi-coating on all lenses. It provides precise windage and elevation adjustments, and variable zoom ranges.

Crafted from lightweight but tough aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, it has one-inch mono-tube construction for easy, low-profile mounting and is argon-purged to prevent fogging and corrosion. It comes with a ScopecoatTM protective cover and MINOX provides Total Coverage protection, covering repair or replacement with no questions asked. $479 retail.

Tom Ables, Venture. Phone 619-234-7312 or e-mail taventur@gmail.com

To Contact MINOX/USA: Phone 866-469-3080 (Greg Clark) or e-mail usa@minox.com

FAX: 603-469-3471; web site www.minox.com/usa

ATN Introduces Night Arrow 6-2

South San Francisco, CA – American Technologies Network now offers their ATN Night Vision Riflescope in Generation 2 providing excellent observation, target acquisition and aiming capabilities for sport shooters or varmint hunters. The 6 times magnification scope with ATN‘s proprietary Total Darkness IR System offers the best optics, tubes and performance in a commercial riflescope on the market today.

The Gen 2 Night Arrow riflescope is built with ATN’s standard 2nd generation tubes with exceptional brightness and resolution. Each tube has a micro channel plate, multi-alkaline photocathode with a built-in power supply. The micro channel plate consists of millions of short, parallel glass tubes. When electrons pass through these short tubes, thousands more electrons are released. This additional process over a Gen 1 Tube offering, allows the Gen 2 units to amplify the light many more times than any Gen 1.

The ATN Night Arrow6-2 features a “Red on Green” reticle system with a 1/6 MOA adjustment and an automatic brightness control (ABC) for tube protection. The center red reticle is illuminated for optimal contrast against a dark or light target. The light and compact sight features a non-reflective matte black finish and mounts to a standard weaver rail system. It is water and fog resistant and is designed to use 1 AA type battery. One-knob operation allows for easy one-handed use, allowing user to keep one hand on the rifle while fine operating the scope. The ATN Night Arrow6-CGT offers superior night vision performance in a rugged weapons sight in a non-reflective matte black finish. Available at an affordable retail price of $1,599.00.

ATN Night Arrow6-2 Specifications
IIT Generation 2
Magnification 6x
Resolution 45-54 lp/mm
Power Supply (1) 1.5V AA battery
Battery Life 30 hrs
FOV 5°
Range of Focus 10m to Infinity
Operating Temperature -40°C to +50C°
Storage Temperature -50° to +70° C
Environmental rating Water resistant
Dimensions 335 x 103 x 93mm,13.2″ x 4.1″ x 3.7″
Weight 1.7 kg/ 3.8 lb
MSRP $1.599.00

The ATN Night Arrow6-2 also features the Total Darkness IR System, Proshield Lens Coating and Automatic Brightness control. Accessories include a detachable IR450-B4 infrared illuminator, battery, instruction manual, lens tissue and warranty card in a soft carrying case.

Laura Burgess
Laura Burgess Marketing
P: 252-288-5805

FS/WTS: Weekend deals on scopes, rangefinders, red dots and more from Webyshops.com


We are beginning to post weekend specials for rifle scopes, red dot sights, holosights, flashlights, rangefinders, tactical accessories and more.  Some of these items are returns, some are refurbs or open boxes and some are salesman specials.  Some of these are brand new and are simply on clearance for one reason or the other.  If you are interested in one of these items – post the name of the item and the forum in the subject of an email and send it to info@webyshops.com.  We will respond within 24 hours.  Here we go:

Hard to find Eotech Magnifiers are in stock and on special at $527.95:

EOTECH Gen II 3x Magnifier w/FTS Mount (G23.FTS)

We have an open box of this new Bushnell Rangefinding bino – save $100 by using promo code (FM$100):

BUSHNELL Fusion 1600 ARC 12×50 Rangefinding Binoculars (201250)

We still have some Viper PST scopes in stock left – next batch is in 6 weeks and while we are hopeful, we are concerned that because of situation in Japan – the delays are likely to be longer (once these are gone they are gone – email for special pricing):

VORTEX Viper PST 2.5-10×44 Riflescope, EBR-1 MRAD Reticle (PST-210S1-M)

VORTEX Viper PST 1-4×24 Riflescope, TMCQ MRAD Reticle (PST-14ST-M)

Great deal on Zeiss Victory PRF at $639 – counter unit going on sale:

ZEISS Victory 8×26 T* PRF Rangefinding Monocular (52 45 61)

For all that love long range shooting we have a customer return (customer decided to upgrade) of a great Leupold scope (save $100 with promo code FM$100):

LEUPOLD VX-3L 4.5-14×56 Side Focus 30mm Rifle Scope, Illuminated Duplex Reticle (67895)

Last, but not least – Burris AR332 red dot sights are back in stock.  But there are only 5 of them left after this Friday.  They will be gone by Monday – so get yours now for only $339.00

BURRIS AR-332 3×32 Sight, Ballistic/CQ Reticle, Matte Black (300208)

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Saw something on the net, but did not like the price?  Send us an email at info@webyshops.com and we’ll give you a personal quote.  All we need is the brand name and part number.  Does not get any easier than that.  Personal shopping redefined.

Riflescope Basics

This may sound like a silly question, but bear with me.  There is a method to my madness.

To a shooter, it is a weapon sight.  It is supposed to be slapped on top of a weapon, sighted in and used for its intended purpose: aiming.

To an engineer, it is an opto-mechanical device that is used for aiming.  Nowadays, it is not even always a pure opto-mechanical device since quite a few riflescopes have some electronics in them (reticle illumination, for example).

The distinction is  important: to a shooter, this is just a means to an end.  To an engineer, there are a lot more details to it.

An engineer tasked with designing a riflescope should have a pretty clear idea what it will be used for and what kind of abuse it is likely to be subjected to.  He has to design it to withstand all reasonable (and sometimes unreasonable) abuse, while staying within other design requirements pertaining to size, weight, optical performance and, last but not least, budget.  This last requirement is the reason behind most compromises made in riflescope design.

A shooter trying to select the right scope often ends up considering very different factors.  Typically, he will have an idea of how much he wants to spend and a rough idea of what the overall configuration should be.  However, all too often, a shooter is blissfully unaware of the challenges that an engineer faces in designing riflescopes.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, since getting into the nitty-gritty of technical details is often counterproductive.  However, some basic knowledge of riflescope construction is very useful, especially if you are looking for a scope on a budget.  If you have unlimited funds and can drop somewhere in the neighborhood of $3k or thereabouts on a riflescope, you are paying for not having to worry about any of that.  For that much money, it better be bloody perfect!  For the rest of us, a little consideration goes a long way.

Before we dig into the details of how scopes work and how to select them, it is important to clearly define how much you can spend and what you need out of it.  Here are a few questions that need to be answered before you get any firther:

  • What is your budget? How much are you willing to spend (keep in mind that you also need good quality rings and bases)?
  • What will be the basic application for the scope? Hunting? Target shooting? SHTF? Law Enforcement? etc.
  • What are the extremes of the lighting conditions you are likely to run into? Is low light performance critical?
  • What are the weight limitations? Is this going onto an ultra-light rifle that you plan to drag all over some distant mountains with you, all the while cursing every extra ounce you have strapped to your back? Or are you mounting this scope on top of a fifteen pound varmint rifle that gets moved twice a day on a good day?
  • What is the likely target size? You do not need much magnification to aim at something the size of a grizzly bear.  However, aiming at a prairie dog barely sticking out of the ground is an entirely different story.
  • How far do you plan to shoot?  If you plan to shoot at extended ranges, you will have to decide whether you want to dial in your point of aim using turrets or use a holdover reticle of some sort
  • What are the likely weather conditions you’ll face?  If you live in a climate where mirage can be a factor, you need to take that into account. Similarly, unusually wet climate creates its own set of problems.
  • How much recoil will the riflescope (and the shooter) be subjected to?

All of these questions are important in picking the right scope and, most importantly, picking a high quality scope for the right price.

Today, there are high quality riflescopes manufactured all over the world: Germany, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Japan, Phillipines, Korea and China.  There are also quite a few “less than worthwhile” scopes out there, most of them manufactured in China.  Price ranges from $20 scopes that might as well be disposable to $5000 Hensoldts that are as near to a family heirloom as scopes get.

The sheer number of different riflescopes available in the market place today is staggering.  Some are “me too” products, while others are true innovations.  Some are narrowly focused on one particular application, while others are designed to be allrounders.

On top of all that, innovative designs of just a few of years ago, look like perfectly ordinary items today.  However, the basics of rifle scope design and construction do not change much, so the subsequent sections hold equally true to virtually all riflescope regardless of when they were manufactures.  Any specific scope recommendations, on the other hand, need to be re-evaluated with reasonable regularity.


Read Soon:

Configurations: what do all those numbers mean and which one is right for you?

  • Which configurations work for different applications?
  • Non-focusing sights
  • Scope mounting pitfalls

This article is provided to Webyshop readers by Ilya Koshkin (www.opticsthoughts.com) – All rights reserved

Leupold Mark-4 Scopes

Rule #1, always bring your firearms, fitted with Leupold Mark 4 riflescopes constructed of 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum alloy, when you are clearing out a nest of zombies. My weapon has a Mark 4 riflescope. A weapon with a superior scope can mean the difference between having a zombie eat your brain and survival. With an index matched lens system lens coating, a lockable eyepiece focus design that has generous eye relief, side focus parallax adjustment, 3x twin bias spring erector magnification system, and rugged waterproofing technology, I trust that my Leupold Mark 4 riflescope will consistently help me bring terror to the living dead.  How many times have you been stuck on the interstate, the shuffling creatures coming at you, their arms extended and the maggots crawling on their skin only to have wasted your ammo with bad shots?

That happened to my friend, Leroy. He didn’t use a riflescope. Now he’s a zombie.  We were holed up in our SUV out on the interstate, out of gas, past sunset, and the zombies were coming for us.  I took out  my weapon fitted with a Leupold Mark 4 LR/T long range scope. Its Mil Dot reticle is fully illuminated and is compatible with night vision. This is the same scope that was used by the U.S. army M-24 sniper system for their daytime ops. Its got superior edge-to-edge sharpness across the visual field and it’s the scope I use for the low light situations near dawn or dusk that zombies seem to prefer. I flipped open its lens cover and as the creature slogged its way into the crosshairs of my Mil dot reticle, I blew its brains out. (Or, probably, the brains of the innocent victims that they had eaten that evening.)

An especially gruesome zombie with only one arm staggered out from behind a tipped over semi truck. He came for us, and I could hear him moaning, “brains.” I put his armless chest in my sites and I took him out. Two more zombies clawed their way out of the ditch, and I let them have it.

The noise of the bullets rang in my ears for a moment, and I screamed as I cleared the world of evil. But when I stopped shooting, there was silence. My friend was gone, the door of the SUV hanging open. He hadn’t had a scope on his rifle, either the Leupold Mark 4 ER/T or the Mark 4 MR/T. The extended range scope can give you a good clear shot of zombies up to distances up to 2,000m. They have a front focal plane reticle which stays at a constant size compared to the target at all magnifications. It’s got pristine clarity across the entire visual field, even at 25x. The midrange Mark 4 MR/T is good for zombies coming at you anywhere from 50 to 700 meters.  But, like I said, Leroy didn’t have a scope, he always blathered on about how he had the “eyes of a falcon” and so he didn’t need one. And the zombies  got him. I wondered how they liked the taste of his eyeballs.

It’s not easy living in the last days of a zombie plague.  Things like chocolate chip cookies, sunrises, and my Leupold Mark 4  rifle scope, keep me from the clutches of all my zombie friends.

leupold mark-4 rifle scope

Mark-4 Scope by Leupold