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Long Range Surveillance Monocular

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Long Range Surveillance Monocular

N-Vision Optics LRS Long Range Surveillance Monocular

LRS is a state of the art Generation 3 advanced night
system designed for night time observations,
photography, and video recording. LRS offers
superior performance and image clarity while being
easily adaptable with Interchangeable Lens Nikon
and Canon SLR Cameras (professional and consumer
LRS is designed and built to ensure superb
photographic image quality straight from the box.
All necessary adjustments to the LRS and matching
LRS Photo Adapter are done in the laboratory prior
to shipment in order to ensure image quality and
ease of use. LRS provides bright image and high
resolution across the entire frame with minimal light
roll-off and distortion.
LRS is offered in three configurations: LRS Scout,
LRS Ranger, and LRS Recon. Each model is uniquely
suited to optimize value and performance.