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Leupold Binoculars

Riker’s Island Correctional Facility

Monday, June 11

10:00 am

Connie Cutter normally didn’t touch the evidence, but the bomber had been very clever. He had taken apart the amazing engineering of a pair of Leupold Golden Ring binoculars and turned them into a killing machine.  They featured Switch/Power Technology, which has a switch in front of the focus ring that instantly and fully changes the power setting, so the object you’re viewing always stays in the center of the visual field. A high-performance pair of binoculars shouldn’t be destroyed like that. His case was up for appeal, and with his cold heart, she’d make sure he didn’t see the light of day.

Mike Rubiosa looked over her shoulder. “He should have used a Leupold Norfolk. They work better in low-light conditions. My uncle and dad use them when they go hunting in Colorado. They’re phase coated BAK4 prisms enhance resolution, which is great for scoping out elk.”