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Kowa Excels in Sporting Optics Performance

Kowa has long been recognized by competitive shooters and birders around the world as the premier optics manufacturer. With its design, technology and quality of components, Kowa has built a stellar reputation for top drawer optics among avid whitetail hunters as well.

Even in the challenging light of dawn and dusk, Kowa’s optics produce clear and sharp views of deer at a distance thanks to the use of Prominar advanced technology.This revolutionary technology reduces chromatic abberation and creates a bright image with high contrast and remarkable color reproduction.

No optic can reach its full potential unless its lenses are of extraordinary quality. Kowa lenses are just that, extraordinary. Kowa is considered by many whitetail hunters to offer the brightest and clearest sight picture on the market today. In addition, Kowa’s sporting optics are not only lightweight making them easy to tote into the field, but rugged so they can withstand the toughest of hunting condtions.

Kowa sporting optics are specifically designed with the hunter or nature observer in mind, offering premier binoculars, spotting scopes and digiscoping technologies.

Kowa is as close as it gets…giving you optics beyond anything you have ever seen.

For more info, check out www.kowascope.com.

For a higher-resolution image, contact media@sourceoutdoorgroup.com.

KOWA Genesis 44 Binoculars Produce Clear and Sharp Views

The Kowa Genesis 44 is building a reputation as the best whitetail binocular on the market and for good reason. The Genesis series binoculars are the first binoculars to use Prominar XD lenses. The pure fluorite crystal of Koa’s Prominar lens are paired with convex lenses made of glass with special dispersion properties to reduce chromatic aberration lifting optical quality to an amazing height. Even in the challenging light of dawn and dusk, this binocular produces clear and sharp views of deer at a distance.

These high performance binoculars use advanced technology to create a brighter image with high contrast and remarkable color reproduction that can’t be duplicated by a normal achromatic lens.

The Genesis 44 is waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging. The prism is phase coated to insure sharp images and outstanding contrast. The binoculars feature C3 coating, which is far superior to aluminum or silver coating, for super bright and sharp images.

The Genesis 44 boasts a wide field of view, which is ideal for open range hunting and its close focus range on 5 feet is perfect for observing brushy wood thickets. The magnesium alloy body decreases the weight of the binocular while providing a rugged structure that can withstand the toughest hunting conditions.

The Genesis 44’s light weight, durability and clarity make it the go-to binocular for the hardcore whitetail hunter.

For more information, check out http://www.kowa-usa.com.