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Kodabow to Exhibit at Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show

Mark Bower
Kodabow will be exhibiting at the ATA (Archery Trade Association) Show on January 6 – 8 in Indianapolis, IN. Kodabow manufactures a quality line of hunting crossbows with retail prices between $819.99 to $899.99 made “right” in Pennsylvania. The crossbows are made to hunt hard and deliver success in the field.

KodaBow – Proudly Made in the USA

KodaBow is a small, Pennsylvania company using all USA made parts and labor. KodaBow crossbows are unique and if you ask anyone that has ever shot one, I believe the term was – SWEET! Their gearing up for the ATA show to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana on January 6-8, 2011. Make sure you visit this American Made Company.
Big RhinoA new direction in hunting crossbow design comes from this Pennsylvania Company that uses a 100% solid machined aluminum platform in combination with a distinctive AR-15 styling. The KodaBow crossbow’s solid core of aluminum results in minimal recoil effects and maximum energy dissipation resulting in a low noise signature. The adjustable stock has benefits during cocking the bow and provides a custom fit when shooting from different positions or for multiple users. The rail is highly functional with multiple attachment points on the underside for accessories —- grips, varmint lights where permitted, and even bipods, so imagination is truly the limit.
A unique patented trigger system with integrated Anti-Dry Fire and Automatic Safety results in crisp let-off at the shot. External parts have durable coatings including a hard coat on barrel, trigger and riser. String changes in the field are simplified with the Stringing Aid that ships with every bow and is specially designed for quick connection to the hybrid dual recurve limbs. A sturdy Kodabow Rope Cocking Aid is also included.
Four different limb weights are offered up to 225 lbs, 8.3 lbs total bow weight w/o optics; 34″ limb width and 27.5″ at the cocked position, 34.75″ min. length, 38.5″ max. length, Speeds to 355 fps with a 350 gr arrow and up to 303 fps with a 515 gr arrow. Proudly made in the USA.
1045 Andrew Drive C-2
West Chester, PA  19380
ATA Show Booth Number: 3008