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1st Person Tactical View vs Intruder View – Viridian Green Laser

This shows the difference between what you, using Viridian‘s X5L Gen 2 Tactical Strobe Light with Green laser vs an Intruders view. People think there is a “laser that you can track back to the gun” and an intruder can just hide and wait for the person to walk by, then shoot them.

This video shows how hard that would be for an intruder and shows what the tactical advantage truly is with the strobe light and laser.

Disclaimer: It is true there are other tactics such as holding a light in other hand and holding it separate from body to make it even harder for an intruder to discern where you are, but this video is just to show that the strobe light does give a tactical advantage.


As many know, laser sights can be very beneficial; but there is one major flaw… ordinary red lasers can be next to impossible to see in most daylight conditions. The benefit of a green laser is that it is much more visible, allowing for it to be used anytime, day or night, indoors or outdoors, permitting you to track your target quicker and more accurately. Additionally, because green lasers are so much more visible to the human eye, you can actually see a very intimidating visible beam in low-light conditions.

The Difference is Clear

During the Day

During the Day
Which is more visible to you? On the left we see a traditional red laser sight, compared to the green Viridian in broad daylight. The lasers were at a distance of 25 feet from the wall.

At Night

At Night
On the left you can see how visible the beam can actually get during dark or dimmer conditions.

Overcast, In the woods

Overcast, In the woods
Shown to the left is an additional day shot, which again shows the dramatic difference.

Why Green Lasers are More Visible

Green is closer to the center of the visible spectrum, at 532 Nanometers, so it’s easier for our eyes to perceive the color vs. a red laser at 635 Nanometers. In fact, a green laser can appear as much as 50 times brighter than the red equivalent and as can be seen from the below charts 532 nm is the ideal wavelength to maximize visibility during day or night.

The Visisble Spectrum
Photopic Curve

In Daytime Conditions the human eye has maximum sensitivity
at the 555 nm wavelength

In Nighttime Conditions the human eye has maximum sensitivity
of 512 nm wavelength

Firefield Green Laser Sight Kit

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The Firefield Laser Sight features a tactical on/off pressure pad, which saves precious seconds and battery life. The shockproof, aluminum housing creates a durable product made for intensity. For quick adjustments in the field, Firefield Green Laser Sight features windage and elevation adjustments.

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The lightweight, compact design of the Firefield Green Laser makes a dynamic and easy addition to any shooter’s arsenal. Protected by a manufacturer’s warranty and the quality that comes with the Firefield name, the Firefield Green Laser Sight will last through any shooting career and keep up with even the most passionate marksman.

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