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Deal of the Day: GOAL ZERO Escape 30m Solar Panel Briefcase

From the beach to the campground, with the GOAL ZERO Escape 30m Solar Panel Briefcase, 30 Watt (22003), you can capture solar energy and convert it into useful power that you can store and use.

Featuring a sturdy body, the unit easily folds into a sleek and portable briefcase, making transportation safe and easy. And when combined with the Escape 150, this handy 30-watt unit can provide electricity to lights and small appliances or recharge communication devices.

Power Wars Episode 1: The Solar Squad puts the Nomad 7 through Punishment

www.goalzero.com, In this first episode of Power Wars by Goal Zero, the Solar Squad puts the Nomad 7 portable solar panel to the test. Watch as the Nomad 7 portable solar panel takes a beating through the child proof test, the high impact test, the submersion test and the geyser test. The Nomad 7 proves its durability and continues to charge the Solar Squad’s gadgets. Come back every month for another Power Wars episode!

Goal Zero escape 30 bag

Keep your Goal Zero 30W solar panel safe in our specially designed 30W Goal Zero Escape Bag. “That Guys Garage”

Off Grid Game Development with Step 2 | Featuring “the Legend of Sky”

Step 2 developer Matthew Hodge goes to the “backyard” to get some 3d development done on the upcoming game “The Legend of Sky”. The power system used is the “Escape 150 Adventure Kit” by Goal 0. (www.goalzero.com)

You can check out video update #1 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGsIctYbrWI

For more information on the game “the Legend of Sky” check out www.thelegendofsky.com, or the developer site www.step2digital.

Thanks for watching.

“Goal Zero Sherpa 120 + Nomad27 Review” ATM # 9 The Expeditioners.mov

Filming & Photos by: Roberto Gibbons Gomez & Cherine Tarraf Koujock
Video Editing: Cherine Tarraf-Koujock

Cherine and I spent a month driving, kayaking, hiking, and hunting the Aurora Borealis– and documenting every moment. Keeping our equipment charged is crucial, and so we relied on our Goal Zero Canada equipment.

To keep our gear powered up, we used the following Goal Zero gear:

The Sherpa 120W Power Pack
Nomad 27W Solar Panels

Purchase your Goal Zero products from Webyshops.com.

CES 2012 – Can you power your house with a Yetti?

Generators are big, heavy, noisy and typically not the cleanest sources of power you can find.

What if you could have a power unit that could offer clean, renewable energy, relative portability, utmost quiet and the flexibility of a super efficient power delivery system… would you give it a try?

GoalZero thinks you will.

GOAL ZERO: Steamer Beverage Heater

Want to keep your hot beverages hot longer? Try Goal Zero’s Steamer Beverage Heater. With its handy 12v charger you can let it does its job while you are driving. Or for those more adventurous types that have grown to love Goal-Zero for their solar powered products, this product is compatible with all Sherpa, Escape and Extreme Power Packs. Just one more item in Goal-Zero’s well thought product line.

Purchase this and other Goal Zero products from Webyshops.com.

What’s the best solar charger?

Q: What’s the best solar charger?

By: Question from: The Editors, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit Photo By: COURTESY OF GOALZERO

A:You’re in luck—there are several excellent solar chargers on the market. And with the number of sophisticated electronic devices people are now carrying, it’s no wonder that solar chargers are becoming more popular.

For lightweight travel, check out the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit ($160). It comes with four rechargeable AA batteries (with an adapter, it’ll charge AAAs, too), and will also connect to any device that can carge with a USB cord. In bright sun, the AA pack fills up in three or four hours. Plus, it’s compact and light at two pounds.

Winds of Patagonia: Sherpa 120 Adventure Kit

Sherpa 120 Adventure kit used in the wild weather of Patagonia. A film crew kept four DSLR cameras powered for 15 days with limited sunlight each day.

Solar Powered Camping – the Happy Camper reviews Goal Zero

Forget extra batteries and worrying if your GPS will stay charged, Kevin Callan – the Happy Camper – demonstrates the latest in portable solar power technology. Harness the sun to charge your gadgets and keep your camera rolling deep in the wilderness. For info on Goal Zero visit – http://preparadigm.com/ and for more super fun Happy Camper videos visit – http://www.thehappycamper.tv