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D.T. Systems Introduces Revolutionary R.A.P.T. E-Collar


Dallas, TX.- D.T. Systems has revolutionized the E-Collar market with the unveiling of the new Rapid Access Pro Trainer (R.A.P.T.) 1400 E-Collar. This revolutionary hands free transmitter design allows average dog owners, as well as expert handlers and trainers to position the transmitter on their hands in a variety of positions so corrections can be made instantly, without having to locate the transmitter. The R.A.P.T. features a Rapid Access™ button (easily accessible with one finger-located directly on top of the unit) that can be programmed to Nick, Continuous or Vibration Assist correction functions-for one touch operation without the need to use the entire hand.

The R.A.P.T. Rapid Access Pro Trainer also features Jump stimulation for customizable training to your individual dogs needs.The unique hands free design and RAPT Strap™ keeps the transmitter securely on the hand thus freeing up the hands for other activities such as throwing retriever dummies, using a whistle, firing a shotgun, and a wide variety of other training tasks.

The unit has a 1,400 yard (3/4 Mile) range and includes DT exclusive technologies-Maxx Range 360, Vibration Assist and Gentle Touch Stimulation. Maxx Range 360 incorporates FM signal transmission and a wrap around collar antenna for positive 360 degree signal reception no matter the terrain. The Gentle Touch stimulation feature allows for 16 levels of stimulation that can be adjusted with the easy to turn dial. The Vibration assist button gives handlers a no-shock alternative stimulus.

The collar and transmitter are completely waterproof and the transmitter floats. The collar features a much smaller and lighter (4oz) receiver box for long days in the field and comfortable wear for your dog.

The R.A.P.T. is expandable to a three dog unit with the purchase of R.A.P.T. 1400 add on collars. Black and camouflage finishes are available.

Suggested Retail Pricing
R.A.P.T. 1400 (Black):
R.A.P.T. 1400 Cover Up (Camouflage):

To see the R.A.P.T. in action watch this video.
To learn more about D.T. System Products and its complete line of dog training products, visit www.dtsystems.com.


D.T. Systems Introduces D.T. The Dog Training Video


Dallas, TX. –D.T. Systems is excited to announce a brand new online training video series created for every dog owner. Viewers will be able to follow along as D.T. the Dog is trained from a puppy to expert hunting dog, while picking up valuable information and training tips they can apply to their training regimen. Trained by D.T. Systems Pro-Staff member and distinguished dog trainer, Dan Ihrke, D.T. the Dog is a Fox Red Labrador Retriever that will serve as the star of the video series.

Videos will be released monthly as D.T. grows and learns, touching on some of the most asked training questions with step-by-step training advice given by Dan Ihrke.

“We are very excited to be unveiling D.T. the Dog and this series of training videos,” said D.T. Systems Director of Marketing Brian Lasely. “The information Dan shares during this video series will help turn anyone into a proficient dog trainer. We are excited to follow D.T.’s progress as he learns new skills every month working with Dan and using D.T. Systems products.”

“This is a great opportunity to showcase D.T. Systems dog training products and the steps that need to be taken to have a top notch hunting companion,” said D.T. Systems Pro-Staff Member Dan Ihrke. “D.T. the Dog is an exceptional dog and is perfect to represent D.T. Systems and proper dog training.”

Viewers can watch the first in the series of D.T. the Dog videos here and follow along with the monthly installments by signing up for the monthly newsletter here. The video series can also be seen on the D.T. Systems website and Facebook page.

Video 1: Finding the Right Dog

In this video Dan Ihrke discusses what steps need to be taken in order to find the right type of dog and personality traits you want to fit your needs. Dan also discusses why D.T. the Dog was chosen to represent D.T. Systems products.


Andrew Howard – Howard Communications, Inc.
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D.T. Systems H20 PLUS CoverUp: Under Cover and Under Control

Kevin Howard
(573) 898-3422
E-mail: khoward@howardcommunications.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

D.T. Systems has added a great product for wetland hunters to the H2O 1800 PLUS lineup with the new H2O 1800 PLUS CoverUp series with Longleaf™ Fatal Flight™ camo pattern. For hunters looking for perfect cover in a layout situation, Longleaf™ Fatal Flight™ has the perfect blend of earth, cut stalk and hints of green to conceal you in any open-field environment. Longleaf™ Fatal Flight™ is the perfect camo that will help keep you hidden from migratory bird, duck or geese.

The D.T. Systems™ H2O 1800 PLUS CoverUp Series is a great collar system that covers both basic and advanced training needs for both professionals and novice users alike. They are designed with the harshest environments in mind, whether you are knee-deep in cold icy waters or knee-deep in tall grass on a dry sunny day.

The new system still allows dog trainers to expand from a 1-dog system into a 2- or 3-dog unit simply by purchasing additional H2O Add-On collar units. So rather than buying a whole new system when adding a dog or two to their kennel, owners can simply buy an additional collar. The system allows the trainer to control up to 3 dogs from one transmitter.

Both the collar and transmitter are rechargeable and waterproof, and the transmitter will actually float on water (the perfect feature for any waterfowler).

The patented MAXX-Range™ internal FM antenna embedded in the collar belt gives you 360 degrees of coverage so you can have up to a 1 mile (1800 yard) range.

The H2O 1810 PLUS CoverUp has 16 levels of Nick (momentary) and Continuous Stimulations to fine-tune the exact level for your dog or situation.

The H2O 1820 PLUS CoverUp adds a Vibration feature, as well as a simultaneous Vibration with 1 second delay stimulation.

For more information, log onto the D.T. Systems website at www.dtsystems.com, write to customerservice@dtsystems.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call a Customer Service Specialist at 214-350-9446.

Pro Dog Trainer Chad Hines Discovers New Ways To Train With D.T. Systems Super-Pro Dummy Launcher

Chad Hines and Rex_smChad Hines of Willow Creek Kennels is one of D.T. Systems top Pro Trainers. He has developed a new training technique that has greatly increased the performance of the upland dogs he is training.

“Dummy Launchers have been used for some time in the retrieving community,” says Hines. “Recently, we have been using them in our upland training as well. We have found dummy launchers to be extremely beneficial in increasing prey drive and marking ability.”

In the spring of 2010 Willow Creek Kennels visited fellow Orvis endorsed training and breeding facility, Wildrose Kennels in Oxford, MS. Chad and other trainers from Willow Creek were amazed to see the British labs at Wildrose pick a bumper in a flight pen with over 80 pigeons and pheasants flying around them. This idea transpired into firing a dummy launcher in line with a flushed bird, which a pointing dog had found and pointed. Chad found with proper training, dogs will mark the dummy as if it were a downed bird.

Chad starts by giving the dog the “whoa” cue. Next, he fires a light blank without a bird present. If the dog retrieves the dummies well, this step in training will be very easy. He plays this game until the dog will retrieve the bumper in any situation. They never fire the bumper unless the dog is successful with the “whoa” cue. The fired dummy is positive reinforcement for a properly executed “whoa”. This process is similar to our use of Positive Reinforcement Pigeons which strengthens our dog’s “whoa” using positive reinforcement.

“Next, we transition to retrieving a dummy with a bird present. To accomplish this, we put a bird out and bring the dog in to point it.” Chad says. “We then flush the bird and let the dog chase it. When the dog returns, we “whoa” them, and fire the dummy. This adds a great middle step between having no birds present to being able to walk in, flush the bird, fire the launcher in line with the bird, and our dog will mark and retrieve the dummy. This process allows us to provide a positive reinforcement retrieve on every job well done.”

“The D.T. Super-Pro Dummy Launcher is the perfect tool for this training. The launcher is easy to use and sends the dummy as far as we need for any situation,” says Hines. “We have shot thousands of loads through our Super-Pro launchers and they keep performing.”

There is a big difference between a hand thrown bumper and a bumper fired from a launcher. The increased speed of a fired bumper stimulates prey drive. Being predators, dogs naturally will chase anything that tries to get away.

“When we first start our launcher introduction we use a light blank and fire it low creating a bouncing, rolling bumper that most pups cannot resist,” says Hines. “This bounding dummy is a great way to develop retrieving and prey desire in any dog. It is very important to fire away from the dog because the dummy needs to appear to be trying to get away and not attack the dog. To increase prey drive, we create situations where birds and dummies try to escape the grasp of the dog.”

Before starting to train with a dummy launcher, be sure to have a proper gun introduction for the dog and use an assistant in the beginning to distance the dog from the launcher. This will decrease the chance of having gun problems with the dog.

Chad has found he can greatly increase the marking ability of dogs using this training method. He starts with light blanks and easy marks. In all dog training, the smaller the steps taken, the faster and easier we get there. He then, slowly adds difficulty to the marks and increase the distance by using heavier charged blanks. In Willow Creek’s training program, they try to replicate everything from a high-flying snow goose mark in the open to a low flying woodcock in an aspen thicket. The D.T. Super-Pro dummy launcher makes all these scenarios possible.

The innovation of the dummy launcher has greatly benefited Willow Creek’s training program. Dummy launchers allow them to increase prey drive, marking ability in waterfowl and upland training, and reward our dogs positively for a job well done even when shooting birds isn’t an option.

Chad says, “Dummy launchers can be great tools for training and playing with your dog—just remember to introduce your dog properly to gunfire and enjoy time spent a field with your dog.”

For more information on Willow Creek’s training methods, please visit their website at


For more information, log onto the D.T. Systems website at www.dtsystems.com, write to customerservice@dtsystems.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call a Customer Service Specialist at 214-350-9446.