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Two Free Leupold Custom Dials

Leupold’s free custom dial deal just got twice as nice! Instead of just one free Custom Dial System (CDS) dial, you now receive two, yes two free when you purchase any Leupold VX CDS rifle scope. This offer includes all VX-2, VX-3, VX-3L, VX-R or VX-6 CDS models. Due to demand for an increased selection of scopes with the CDS system, the 2012 model year finds an increased selection in Leupold’s VX CDS offerings.

Leupold’s Custom Dial System was created to help the user increase their accuracy by using ballistic information provided by the user to personalizing clicks. To learn specifics on the CDS system visit www.leupold.com/CDS/.

You have until April 1, 2012 to take advantage of this deal.

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