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ATN’s MO4-1: Night Vision Monocular with Built-In “Smart Technology”

ATN M04-1
For those of you who have enjoyed some nighttime varmint hunting or those of you who enjoy a foray into the backyard at night to view your local wildlife, you understand that seeing critters with a little night vision aid is a far better deal than trusting your own eyes. American Technologies Network‘s MO4-1 is just the ticket. It’s a Night Vision Monocular with built-in ATN “Smart Technology.” That means the proximity sensor automatically turns the monocular on when you bring it into viewing position. It saves valuable battery life and limits your fumbling around in the dark and scaring off whatever that large, dark and looming shadow was. Another facet of Smart Technology is that digital controls which allow you to activate or deactivate all of the features of the MO4-1 with just the push of a button. And the final benefit of Smart Technology is the powerful built-in Infrared Illuminator that allows you to see in total darkness with outstanding clarity! The ATN MO4-1 is a Gen1 night vision monocular with an MSRP of $319.00.