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APEX-GEAR Accu-Strike Archery Sight Review

Cory Blystone with The Natural Order TV reviews the APEX-GEAR Accu-Strike Archery Sight in this segment. You can’t go wrong with APEX-GEAR so get yours today at www.Webyshops.com!!


NAP Releases Spitfire MAXX and BloodRunner 2-Blade 125grain

July, 2011…Forest Park, IL- New Archery Products, the industry leader in archery accessories, is introducing the Spitfire MAXX and Bloodrunner 2-blade in 125grs.

The Spitfire MAXX features a 1-3/4″ cutting diameter, with a cut-on-contact blade out-front. The Bloodrunner 2-blade offers a 2-1/16″ cut with the blades fully deployed. Both 125gr. models are now available in stores.

For more information on New Archery Products, contact: NAP, 7500 Industrial Drive, Forest Park, IL 60130; phone: 800.323.1279 www.newarchery.com

Kim Cahalan, Media Direct (309) 944-5341 or kim@mediadirectcreative.com

NuFletch Introduces Lumenok Lighted Nock Design

NuFletch has joined forces with Lumenok on an exciting new way to “light it up” by adding lighted nocks to the NuFletch product line. The OEM nocks from Lumenok, designed especially for NuFletch, eliminate the hassles of finding nocks that fit the inner diameter of your arrow because the nock cap used on the NuFletch Spectrum Standard products are all the exact same size. If you can fit one, you can fit them all. This sizing ensures that the lighted nock will do its job each time you shoot the product. No more worrying about the correct fit. The CNC machined caps are all within a tolerance that makes the nocks work correctly.

The nock cap also serves another important purpose. It is designed to house two small coin cell batteries in the perfect position. A normal fletched arrow is hollow, and the round coin cell batteries would fall straight through. The nock cap provides the perfect solution to this problem. If your batteries become weak, simply remove the nock from the cap and pop them out. Replace the cells with two new coin cells and you are good to go. Replacement batteries can be found at your local Wal-Mart or online at nufletch.com for a substantial discount.

NuFletch’s lighted nock is extremely bright and its simplicity ensures that it will give excellent performance in the field.

Light up the trail to your local dealer and ask about the NuFletch lighted nock or visit us at nufletch.com for more information!

Revolutionary IQ Bowsight Now Available in Black

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Originally introduced last year in gunmetal gray, the IQ Bowsight took the archery world by storm. With its patented Retina Lock technology, the IQ Bowsight quickly became regarded as the world’s most accurate archery sighting system. It became so popular that production was excessively outpaced by demand, despite nearly quadrupling manufacturing capacity. As production finally catches up, a matte-black version is now being introduced.

The sophisticated technology of the Retina Lock provides instant feedback at a glance that will identify even the slightest torque or change in anchor point. This feedback will enforce proper form, build confidence, and most importantly, dramatically extend your effective range.

The IQ Bowsight does not use any batteries or have any exposed parts. Its four-axis adjustment ensures a perfect alignment with almost any bow on the market.

Without a doubt, it is the most sought-after bowsight in the bowhunting industry. In fact, many TV personalities have switched to the IQ Bowsight already, including Babe Winkelman, Chris Brackett, Mark and Terry Drury, Casey and Chris Keefer, Keith Beam, Jay and Tammy Gregory, Jim Shockey, Bob Richardson, Larry Woodward, Brad Rucks, Dan Schmidt, Pat Reeve, Nicole Jones, Tim Wells, Ryan Klesko, J.T. Harden, and Tom Miranda.

The new black IQ Bowsight is available in four- and seven-pin configurations in both left- and right-hand versions. It is available at retailers with suggested retail prices of $199.99 and $219.99 for the four- and seven-pin configurations, respectively.

For detailed information on the IQ Bowsight and to view the detailed video and impressive commercials, visit the website at www.iqbowsights.com.

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NuFletch Archery- As Accurate As Conventional Fletching

Serious archers know that when it comes to accuracy, perfect arrow flight is essential. Too often the time it takes to fletch your arrow can cause set backs and even put a damper on your practice time. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, those days are behind you. The folks at NuFletch have created a new way to fletch arrows that helps you at home, in the field and at the range.

NuFletch is as accurate as conventional fletching and it comes with a money back guarantee, although you won’t need it. This innovative idea from NuFletch promotes flatter trajectory, increased penetration and simplifies the essential fletching process so critical to maximize arrow performance. The NuFletch inserts are guaranteed to provide accurate fletch placement and have instant brand name vane-swapping capabilities to easily tune your broadheads, not to mention making them easy to take down for travel in order to protect your fletching. Smart bowhunters realize that the NuFletch concept caters to all hunting situations allowing you to instantly change your fletching color and retune or move the fletching from shaft to shaft. Perfect arrow flight produces greater impact and tighter groups. You’ve no doubt heard it said “The proof is in the puddin’!” in this case the proof is in the performance. Combined with the convenience NuFletch brings you on all levels, you’ll see why we say, “Stop fletchin – Start shooting!”

NuFletch has worked hard to bring about a truly new product that has proven to deliver the performance you expect. Despite today’s fast pace, fletching demands time and money, but no doubt, you want to shoot more and fletch less. With NuFletch, you can do just that…more accurately, more efficiently, and a whole lot easier.”

For more information visit them online at www.nufletch.com.

KODABOW Launches “Crossbow that Works” Campaign

KODABOW introduced a “Just a Crossbow that Works!” campaign at the recent Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA shooting a single Koda-Express 185 lb crossbow for 9 days straight to demonstrate the crossbow’s durability and accuracy. During the period, the crossbow launched 1,500 arrows downrange with 500 different shooters who stopped by the Kodabow Booth to review the 2011 crossbow product line.

Big RhinoShooters are impressed with the rugged construction and balance of the Kodabow while taking note of the proprietary trigger group that is among the finest in the industry. During cocking, the safety system automatically engages and the crossbow will not shoot in a dry-fire mode. An arrow must deactivate the patented Anti-Dry Fire System. This crossbow is manufactured in the USA with a majority of the components produced right in Pennsylvania where the company is located.

Crossbows are offered in 5 different limb weights from 125 lb to 225 lb with the 185 lb. Koda-Express, the 200 lb. Bravo Zulu and the 225 lb. Big Rhino being popular choices. The crossbows utilize a proprietary “dual limb” recurve design giving the user the freedom to change the crossbow string in the field if required in minutes using a Destringing Aid supplied with every crossbow. Kodabow introduced its new 2011 Cocking Rope which perfectly aligns the bowstring with the trigger group using an adapter which fits into the AR-15 style rear stock. This delivers an extremely smooth frictionless pull when loading the limbs. Kodabow uses a common platform for all crossbows with the different models differentiated by limb weight and optics. Real AR-15 components are used for grips, stock, and rear buffer tube giving the bow a solid and rugged feel. Limbs are available in select Mossy Oak® camo patterns or a Black Night Weave pattern. Bows are equipped with 3 Dot and 3×32 Hawke ® optics in both standard and illuminated options and a range of accessories including bipods, alternate grips, slings, quivers and limb dampeners. Prices range between $819.99 and $899.99.

The BLOCK Classic-Reinvented

Superior, Wisconsin -The BLOCK was the first open-layered foam target to hit the market back in 1997, and it took the archery world by storm. Today, it still leads the market with imitations attempting to replicate its look and feel. But the BLOCK is still the original. It is the classic that has stood the test of time, and it’s benchmark by which others are compared. And now, it’s been reinvented as the BLOCK Classic.

The new BLOCK Classic is available with its innovative high-contrast black-and-white layout. This design brings back the original BLOCK look but reversed for more contrast to provide the shooter better target acquisition for both short- and long-distance shooting.

The patented technology of the BLOCK Classic stops arrows with friction rather than force. This simple revolutionary concept set the standard for archery targets by providing target durability and easy arrow removal. Archers can practice with field tips, fixed blade or expandables with out fear of wearing it out after a few hundred shots. So, keep on practicing.

It’s a classic-a BLOCK Classic. There is no other open-layered target on the market that can compare.

With prices almost as low as its original introductory price in 1997. The new BLOCK classic is available in three sizes. Look for the new lower-priced, high-contrast BLOCK Classic at retailers near you.

Headquartered in Superior, WI, Field Logic is the manufacturer of the award-winning BLOCK Classic, BLOCK BLACK and the BLOCK BLACK Crossbow targets. It also manufactures GlenDel 3D targets. For additional information, visit the company websites at www.blocktarget.com or www.fieldlogic.com.

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Carbon Express Packs A Lightweight Line Cutter Punch

Flushing, Michigan – Carbon Express, a leader in arrow technology and innovation, introduces the CXL- Pro, the lightest line cutting shaft in the Carbon Express® portfolio. Equipped with three different sizes to fit all draw weights, the CXL- Pro gives shooters an upper hand with the large diameter allowing the shooter to cut the line for a higher score.

“The CXL-Pro offers shooters a large cutting diameter in a lightweight package that meets all the regulations of IFAA, NAA, and FITA. It’s the perfect arrow for those that are devoted to superior consistency in their shooting,” stated Mike Snyder, the company’s Marketing Manager.

The CXL-Pro features the patented Diamond Weave technology offering unparallel spine consistency so that every intricate shot hits the desired destination. In addition, the arrows feature BullDog™ nock collars for unrelenting strength and durability from potential nock end impact damage.

CXL-Pro technical specs:
• Straightness: +/- .0025″ max
• Weight tolerance: +/- 1.0 grains,
• Spine selection tolerance: +/- .002″.
• Sizes: 150, 250, 350
• Suggested Retail: $ 164.95 / 12 pack

About Carbon Express®

Carbon Express®, an Eastman Outdoors Inc. brand, is the leading manufacturer of high performance carbon hunting and target arrows and arrow components for hunters and target shooters. For more information or customer service, visit www.carbonexpressarrows.com, or call 800.241.4833.

Mike Snyder
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Carbon Express Introduces A Double Dose Of Destruction

Flushing, Michigan – Carbon Express, a leader in arrow technology and innovation, add to the deadly F-15™ line up with their new 125 grain F-15™ Dual Blade Broadhead.

“The technology behind the F-15™ Series of broadheads is another great aspect of the Carbon Express contribution to engineer products to change the world of hunting for the better. We test our products to ensure integrity and durability so that our customers know that this broadhead is going deliver a quick and easy kill,” stated Mike Snyder, the company’s Marketing Manager.

The F-15™ is the only broadhead on the market with dual, side by side cutting blades. Two sharp razor blades give your shot six cutting edges creating up to an additional 250% greater wound opening than the competitor’s broadheads. Field point accuracy is guaranteed with an aerodynamic profile and 100% spin testing that enhances precision and penetration accompanied by bone crushing strength thanks to the Pressure Injected Molding made from one piece of 440 stainless steel. These great features results in a thicker blood trail and a faster kill.

The new 125 grain F-15™ Dual Fixed Blade Blade Broadhead features a 1-1/4″ cutting diameter along with .030″ blade thickness. The 100 grain model has a cutting diameter of 1-1/8″ and a blade thickness of .030.

F15 125 grain Suggested Retail: $39.95

About Carbon Express®

Carbon Express®, an Eastman Outdoors Inc. brand, is the leading manufacturer of high performance carbon hunting and target arrows and arrow components for hunters and target shooters. For more information or customer service, visit www.carbonexpressarrows.com, or call 800.241.4833.

Mike Snyder
810 720 8795

New Rage Crossbow Broadheads Deliver Power And Accuracy

Superior, Wisconsin – In North America, crossbow hunting continues to soar in popularity, making it the fastest growing segment of modern hunting. Currently, 14 U.S. states and four Canadian Provinces consider the crossbow another legitimate form of hunting equipment. To better equip the crossbow archer, Rage is pleased to announce the introduction of its new Rage Crossbow broadhead.

Available in 100-grain and 125-grain weights, both new Rage Crossbow broadheads deliver consistent arrow flight and have a devastating cutting diameter of 1 3/4 inches to inflict maximum damage and incredible penetration. The revolutionary SlipCam rear-blade-deployment system used in the Rage Crossbow broadhead offers fully deployed blades immediately upon impact, with no loss of kinetic energy. This results in huge entry holes, gaping wound channels and unprecedented blood trails on its targets.

The Rage Crossbow broadheads are recognizable by their lustrous orange color, and they will be sold in packs of three broadheads with a free practice head for $44.99.

Rage Broadheads are also available in a traditional 100-grain 2-Blade design with either the new 1.5-inch or the giant 2-inch cutting diameter. Last year, Rage introduced a 125-grain 2-blade as well as a 100-grain Titanium 2-blade. The Rage 3-Blade design with a 1.5-inch cutting diameter is also available. For an in-depth look at the Rage and the revolutionary, patented designs, check out the interactive website www.ragebroadheads.com. Be sure to spend some time looking at the high-speed video footage comparing the impacts of fixed, traditional expandables, and the Rage.

Rage Broadheads is headquartered at 101 Main Street, Superior, WI 54880. For more information, on the new Rage Crossbow broadheads or the full line of Rage broadheads visit www.ragebroadheads.com.

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