SureFire Rebrands EarPro by SureFire

SureFire Rebrands EarPro by SureFire

SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools, tactical products, and hearing protection, has officially rebranded its EarPro® by SureFire product line to bring it under the SureFire® brand. The rebrand, which took effect the first quarter of 2013, is meant to better reflect SureFire’s commitment to this product category, providing high-quality, innovative earplugs and earpieces to anyone requiring effective, affordable hearing protection.

“Given the outstanding traction and reputation our hearing-protection products have developed, we’ve decided to bring the EarPro by SureFire product line fully under the SureFire brand,” explained SureFire VP of Marketing and Sales Matthew Hemenez. “This will help avoid any confusion as to whether these products are designed and manufactured by SureFire, and let consumers know they can expect the same level of quality and performance from our earplugs as they’ve come to expect from our illumination tools and suppressors.”

The EarPro by SureFire name came into being back in 2004, shortly after SureFire acquired EarPro Inc, a business specializing in hearing protection and enhancement for a clientele made up primarily of military/law enforcement professionals and recreational shooters. Since the acquisition, SureFire expanded the hearing protection product line to include six unique models of Sonic Defenders® earplugs-some filtered to allow the hearing of ambient sounds, and some full-block for additional protection. The customer base has also grown, expanding from primarily military and LE markets into industrial and consumer markets as well.

The popularity of Sonic Defenders earplugs is largely attributable to their comfort, outstanding sealing characteristics, and patented EarLock™ design, which locks the earplugs in place for the same secure fit every time. They’re also reusable and affordable-ranging from $12 to $19.95 per pair-making them an excellent value and a “greener” alternative than disposable foam earplugs. SureFire Hearing Protection also currently produces two earpiece models, both with the same EarLock design, for use with compatible tactical radios. To learn more about SureFire Hearing Protection’s entire line of earplugs and earpieces, visit



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