Steiner Binoculars

Steiner Binoculars

Eight Predators for the Nighthunters under the sky,
Thirteen Military & Police for the protectors in their halls of justice,
Ten Marine Safaris for the adventurers doomed to seek thrills,
Eight Peregrine Wildlife for the eagle eye,
Four Merlin for the darkness, where the twilight lies.
Binoculars to rule the light waves, optics to find them,
Binoculars to bring them all and in the darkness find them,
in the land of Steiner, where the rugged clarity lies.

Focus, the little halfling climbed up the sharp rocks of Mount Destructoom and when he reached the top, he brushed off his shaggy feet and peered across the broken landscape. Sam, his companion pulled out his Steiner Peregrine binoculars and scanned the distant lands, glad of the lightweight magnesium chassis. “I think we made it, Mr. Focus, the Opticghosts haven’t stopped us from destroying the Merlin High Performance Binoculars.”

“It’s been a terrible journey, Sam. I’m glad that you have come with me. And I’m also glad for my dependable Safari-Pro binoculars.” He reached under his Elvin cloak and looked out at the bleakness glad for the UV-A and UV-B blocking power. “When the Opticghosts searched the highlands, their Predator binocular eyes pinpointing wildlife and blocking haze, I thought that we were hidden well, but their binoculars were too good at picking up colors.”

“Aye,” Sam agreed. “We were very lucky to be able to fight our way out of that one.” He touched his empty sword sheath. “It is too bad that Golcough took our swords in the battle. That little goblin has eyes like Wildlife Pro binoculars, tough, waterproof and built to handle the world’s harshest conditions.”

Focus stood. “We are too close to our goal to worry about him.” He stared up at the gaping hole in the wall of the volcano. Steam and heat rolled out. “I go on alone from here, Sam.”

Sam nodded. “I’ll be here if you need me, Mr. Focus, as dependable as a Law Enforcement pair of binoculars.”

Focus smiled. “Good Sam.” He climbed the rest of the way. Just as he was about to enter the opening, Golcough jumped out from behind a hidden rock. He reached for the powerful pair of Merlin binoculars. “My cherished! Give me!”

“Never!” Focus cried, pulling them away from the twisted imp. “These are too powerful! They must be destroyed!” As they fought, he fell and rolled into the volcano, Golcough going with him.

“No, Mr. Focus!” Sam cried. He ran up into the choking hole. It was blackness, except for the dim glow of lava. “I can’t see a thing. I wish I had Nighthunter XP binoculars and their unparalleled low-light performance.” He felt his way along the rough walls. “Mr. Focus? Are you there?” There was no answer.

Just as he was about to give up, he came out to a ledge and there was Mr. Focus. He was holding the powerful pair of Merlins over the edge of the lava. “Destroy them, Mr. Focus,” Sam called.

Golcough was huddled down at his feet. “Give me my cherished,” he croaked.

Mr. Focus had a gleam in his eyes and he clenched the binoculars. Then, drawing his will, he let go with an effort, and they fell, landing on the lava far below. The halflings and Golcough looked down in surprise. The binoculars were so well made that they weren’t destroyed. “Steiner makes a quality binocular,” Sam muttered as the fate of the world floated away on liquid rock.

“My cherished!” Golcough’s voice echoed through the darkness.

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