Stealth Cam Launches QR Codes for 2011

Stealth Cam Launches QR Codes for 2011

January, 2011…Grand Prairie, TX Stealth Cam and WildView, the leaders in scouting camera innovation, takes cutting-edge QR Code Technology and applies it to their 2011 marketing efforts.

Going into 2011, Stealth Cam and Wildview will be integrating QR Codes into their advertising, tradeshow materials and consumer packaging. Ads for the UNIT scouting camera featuring the code have already started appearing in various publications.

QR (Quick Response) Codes are two-dimensional barcodes (also known as a matrix code) that, unlike the traditional one-dimensional barcodes that we’re used to seeing, can contain far more information. Today’s Smartphone with built-in cameras and barcode reading applications make QR Codes accessible to the consumers allowing for enhanced product information/presentations. Now you can simply scan a QR Code with your Smartphone and it will allow you to watch videos about GSM products, provide technical information or even link you to other great offerings from GSM’s brand family. QR Codes are great for dealers as they have the ability to provide information directly to the consumer as a point of sale tool.

At the upcoming 2011 tradeshows you will have the chance first hand to use the QR Codes and demo its benefits to your customers. For information on how to get the QR scanner onto your own Smartphone – please click the link below.

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