Smith & Wesson Announces New Polymer Pistol Specialty Kits

Smith & Wesson Announces New Polymer Pistol Specialty Kits

These “All-in-One” kits are designed to offer the consumer a high value package of premium quality performance accessories matched with an S&W handgun.

M&P Pistol Threaded Barrel Kits chambered in 9mm and 45 ACP, feature an M&P pistol with an additional threaded barrel in the box. The 9mm thread pattern is ½”-28-2A and the 45 thread pattern is .578″-28-2A. These threaded barrels have a $135 retail value. Suggested retail is $589 for the 9mm and $619 for 45 ACP. (Not for sale in California or the District of Columbia)

M&P Carry and Range Kits are available in 9mm and .40 S&W. These kits feature an M&P Pistol, Blade-tech® Kydex® Holster, Blade-tech Double Magazine pouch, Maglula Uplula™ Speed Loader, Ear Plugs and an extra magazine. In total an added retail value of $117. Both kits have a suggested retail price of $609.

SD Home Defense Kits chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W, feature the new SD Pistol along with a Nano Vault w/cable and the S&W Micro 90™ compact pistol light. The Nano vault and Micro 90 pistol light have a $130 retail value. These kits are available in both hi-cap and low cap models and have a suggested retail of $479.

Smith & Wesson is currently accepting orders with shipments beginning October 2010. Please contact your Smith & Wesson Distributor to place orders.

Full details and specifications for these kits are available by visiting

Smith & Wesson (800) 331-0852

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