Shooting Spotlight

Shooting Spotlight

Shooting Spotlight
by Rich Grassi

Las Vegas, NV at the 2011 SHOT Show –

I stopped by L3 Communications/EOTech and spoke with Marketing Communications Manager Amy Miller. A pair of interesting new products, actually package deals, are available for those involved in tactical shooting, law enforcement/military operations and hunting.

Their EOTech Holographic Sight has a long record of use in military and law enforcement organizations. There’s currently an EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight purchased under contract with US SOCOM. I was aware the military had a record with their sights and I was also aware that not all users were happy.

There’s been some record of failures with their sight. It’s too bad. When I first used one of their sights, it was already mounted on a Wilson Combat UT-15 carbine. After I figured out how to use it – I didn’t get user documentation with the package – it was very fast and easy to use.

A lot of chatter can be heard these days about how bad these sights are. This makes me question why SOCOM would want them. Apparently a battery connection issue – complete with an easy, two-minute fix – was the major malfunction.

Mike Kroll is the Service Manager at EOTech. this is a company where, if you call during business hours, a human answers. If you have a complaint about your sight, you call Mike. If he needs it in for repair, he’ll ask for your sight, repair it as needed and “QC” it, ensuring it’s right before it goes home. Amy said, “We’re accountable. If there’s a problem, we stand behind the product and fix it.”

The new product combo is the MPO II. Standing for “Multipurpose Optic,” this is the Holographic Weapon Sight (EXPS-3) and a magnification unit (G23). The HWS, like others before it, has no muzzle side signature – meaning you can’t see the lit reticle from the front and no reticle wash out in adverse light conditions. The unit is waterproof, shockproof, fogproof, easily adaptable to tactical weapons platforms and it’s compatible with NVDs (Night Vision Devices). Magnification is fixed 3X.

The MPO III has the AR223 4-dot reticle, giving the user aiming points relative to the 62 grain round from a 14.5″ barrel. It runs on one lithium 123 battery. Battery life is around 600 hours. The sight shuts off automatically after eight hours. It’s supplied on a quick removable base and features repeatability within an MOA when properly remounted. The MSRP is $1,069.

The MPOIII is about the same set-up with two exceptions – it’s not night vision compatible and it features the two dot ballistic reticle. The MSRP is $1,002.

Both packages are intended to give full service with a smaller footprint on the rail. A shorter package over all, consisting of quality components , there is one other advantage. The magnifier has a “flip to the side” (FTS) mount that allows the user to quickly pop the magnifier out of the way when we’re suddenly too close.

I’ll be evaluating an EOTech sight in the near future. It seems their problems may be in the rearview mirror. As I prefer to have more players in the field of combat sights — to increase competition and development, I’m happy to see EOTech isn’t turning a deaf ear to customers.

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