Sentry Solutions’ New Tuf-Glide Spray

Sentry Solutions’ New Tuf-Glide Spray

WILTON, NH – Sentry Solution’sTUF-GLIDE™, the quick-drying, powerful rust inhibitor and lubricant that delivers micro-bonded protection is now available in a convenient spray bottle. For years, gunsmiths, knife and boat owners have known that this quick-drying lubricant will not wash or wipe off, nor will it thicken in the cold or thin out in the heat. Customer demand for TUF-GLIDE™ in a spray form took years to finally find a sprayer worthy of the TUF-GLIDE™ formula. Not all spray applicators are created equal; the seals in many deteriorate before the product is used.

Now TUF-GLIDE™ is easier to use on all your critical gear. It particularly protects hard to reach parts of your guns and gear against rust, friction and wear. Unlike oil-based products, itwill not attract dust or dirt and it does not leave a slippery film like silicone. Used with TUF-CLOTH™ it provides 100% protection for firearms, fishing tackle, knives, tools and boat parts.

Oil-free TUF-GLIDE ™ is tested and used by all branches of the U.S. military and has proven its effectiveness with our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. More than 40 knife and tool manufacturers recommend it.

Sentry Solutions’ New TUF-GLIDE™ Spray 4 oz. $11.85; ¼ oz. pen applicator for $5.85, a ½ oz precision applicator, for $8.50, and an 8 oz. refill bottle priced at $20.50.

To purchase any Sentry Solutions product, or for more information on Sentry Solutions’ TUF-GLIDE™, visit www.sentrysolutions.comor your local sporting goods retailer.

About Sentry Solutions:
Sentry Solutions was incorporated in 1993. Since then, Sentry Solutions has developed dry lubricants for use by the U.S. Military Forces, government agencies, state and local law enforcement agencies as well as hunter, outdoor enthusiasts, and mariners. Sentry Solutions’ TUF-CLOTH™ and TUF-GLIDE™ products have become the benchmark in cleaning and protecting firearms and sports equipment worldwide.

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