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Sentry Solutions Finds a Cleaner Way to Protect Weapons Article from the Union Leader, Written by Nancy Bean Foster

A company that began operations in a Hopkinton (NH) barn now provides oil-free weapon lubricants used by tens of thousands of American combat troops and is available on military bases around the world.

In addition to the U.S. military, Sentry Solutions has contracts with the Malaysian Ministry of Defense, as well as police departments both national and international. Gun and sporting goods shops also carry its products.

Iraq soldier
Helping soliders and police offices maintain their weapons without the drawbacks of traditional lubricants is the mission of the Wilton-based company.

Sentry Solutions produces oil-free lubricants for cleaning and maintaining guns, knives and tools used by members of the military, police forces, and sportsmen.

In order for guns to function properly, they need to be kept clean and lubricated, and to do that job properly, people have long relied upon oil-based products. But traditional oils can create serious problems.

Read the full article to learn more about Sentry Solutions and their revolutionary products.


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