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Sellmark Introduces Night Raider 3×60 Night Vision Riflescope

Mansfield, TX – The Sightmark Night Raider 3×60 Gen 1 night vision riflescope is a universal night optic designed for nighttime hunting and observation. The Night Raider is a passive starlight device, meaning it does not require an artificial or IR light source to operate; however, the built-in IR illuminator substantially enhances viewing capabilities, especially in environments of absolute darkness.

This lightweight riflescope, made of durable titanium, is equipped with high magnification and resolution, as well as precision internal windage and elevation adjustments for crisp, clear night time viewing. Sightmark combined the two-color range finding reticle with incremental reticle brightness adjustment to allow the hunter to see his or her prey in even the darkest surroundings. In the dead of night, the Night Raider can detect its target from over 200 yards away.

“Our customers are really excited about the Night Raider because it is one of the few units with built in IR, large reticle brightness and remote control switch,” said Chase Stephens, Sightmark National Sales. “Normally this combo of features has only been available in higher generation units, making this unit more accessible to our customers for tactical use and ideal for the growing varmint hunting market.”

The Night Raider is built for harsh conditions and has IPX4 waterproofing and a vertically positioned, long life battery for uninterrupted power supply. Equipped with a weaver rail, for ease in mounting, and a remote control with secure attachments, the Sightmark Night Raider Riflescope is the varmint hunter’s favorite tool. Every hunter will be able to share the excitement of the hunt even in the light of day with the photo and video adapter.

Sightmark products are inspired by advanced military and law enforcement technology. Sightmark manufactures award-winning products that include riflescopes, gun sights, laser sights, night vision, rangefinders, flashlights, boresights, and other shooting accessories. Sightmark takes pride in bringing the highest quality tactical, competition shooting, and hunting accessories to the shooting enthusiast. For more information on Sightmark’s products, log on to www.sightmark.com. Please contact Sarah Tajvar at stajvar@sellmark.net or 817.225.0310×113 for any additional information.

Sara Tajvar stajvar@sellmark.net or 817.225.0310×113


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