Pulsar Recon 550: Night Vision for the Discriminating Hunter

Pulsar Recon 550: Night Vision for the Discriminating Hunter

Mansfield, TX – April 12, 2011 – In today’s world of high tech shooting accessories, the Pulsar Recon 550 will impress every shooter with quality, long distance digital night vision. Primarily for night observation and surveillance applications, the Pulsar Recon 550 provides the optimum night vision capabilities in a compact monocular. Equipped with a more sensitive CCD array and advanced program technology, the SumLight™ signal processing program allows the user to see greater distances, up to 270 yards. Even on dark nights, shooters will be able to view their target with Recon’s high contrast viewing mode. The Pulsar Recon’s new five-lens eyepiece enhances the sharpness and contrast of the image, while minimizing distortion on the edges of the field of view.

“The most important aspects of digital night vision are image quality, viewing distance, and size of the unit. Pulsar incorporates these three components to produce the best digital night vision products for consumers”, says James Sellers, President of Sellmark Corporation. “The Pulsar Recon provides this outstanding customer experience.”

For improved observation in less than ideal night time viewing situations, the Pulsar Recon 550 comes equipped with a built-in IR Illuminator and 4x magnification so the shooter will have a great view of their prey. Additional accessories include a short weaver rail, a tripod mount and a choice of LCD display colors. For security surveillance and night hunting, the Pulsar Recon 550 is the digital night vision monocular every shooter will to take on their hunt. Pulsar – Image. Quality.

Pulsar products are manufactured with the professional individual in mind. Built on a mil-spec platform, Pulsar provides Advanced Night Vision products for the likes of military, law enforcement & professional shooters. Pulsar strives to provide consumers with the latest innovations in technology and the highest quality. For more information on Pulsar products, log on to www.pulsaramericas.com.

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