Primos Turkey Tracker

Primos Turkey Tracker

COLUMBUS, Georgia — This time-lapse scouting camera will show you where the turkeys are entering and exiting the fields and open woods. The Primos Turkey Tracker™ wide-angle, time-lapse scouting camera provides you with all-day constant surveillance from over 200+ yards away.

The Turkey Tracker supports a memory card up to 32GB for up to a couple weeks (up to 105,000 photos) of constant surveillance and operates on four or eight AA batteries. By providing constant surveillance (no motion required), this time-lapse scouting camera will record the entire day’s activity automatically taking photos in either 5- or 10-second intervals to reveal all activity.

The included At-A Glance™ Photo Viewing Software ($29.99 value) lets you review an entire day’s worth of photos (up to 7,500 photos) in a short movie-like video in under three minutes. You can play slower slide-shows or fast forward to view up to 1,500 photos per minute on any PC or MAC. At-A Glance™ software works with ALL game cameras, and it allows you to combine and organize all your hunting photos together in one place. The software allows you to zoom up close all the way to the other side of the field. At-A Glance even allows you to instantly share with friends by e-mail or online with popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc.


At-A Glance™ – (Photo Viewing Software)
Works on PC or MAC
Works with ALL game cameras
PLAY slower slide-show or watch in fast-speed view of up to 1,500 photos per minute
Sharing capability with friends on e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or post Flagged movie clips to YOUTUBE
Combines and organizes your photos together in one place (Photo Management)
Allows you to ZOOM up close to the other side of the field
One Year Limited Warranty
Works with Primos® 20/20 Angle Adjusted Camera Mount (Model 63093)

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