Primos Introduces Up ROAR Long Range Deer Call

Primos Introduces Up ROAR Long Range Deer Call

The Up ROAR® truly is a “Triple Threat”. It combines 3 of the most effective, long range calls that bring bucks out of the deep woods. It has 2 chambers, an Aggressive Grunt and an Estrus™ Bleat, topped off with a Wheeze™ tube to challenge bucks to a fight. The Grunt chamber reproduces a deep, resonating aggressive grunt that is made by bucks during the rut. The Bleat chamber reproduces a loud Estrus™ Bleat made by receptive does. When using these calls in combination you can sound like a buck chasing a hot doe. Use the Up ROAR® and you will have the Swamp Donkey’s™ hunting you. Sound the Roar® and Speak The Language®.

For more information on the Up Roar® or any of Primos® Hunting Calls’ top-quality products, please contact Primos® Hunting Calls at or 800-523-2395; or visit us at our website at

Includes: Arm Strap
Instructional Mini DVD

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