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Practice Like the Pros WIth EZE Score Targets

New EZE-Scorer Targets® from Birchwood Casey® let shooters practice with the same style targets used by military and law enforcement professionals.

The new EZE-Scorer paper targets come in the three most popular silhouette styles available with scoring areas clearly marked.

Three styles are available; the TQ-19 police training and qualification target, which measures 24″x 42″, the B-27 NRA police silhouette, which measures 24″x 45″ and the B-21 police silhouette at 35″x 45″.

All three versions feature high contrast black print on bright white paper and are great for both indoor and outdoor ranges.

EZE-Scorer targets are highly affordable at a suggested retail price of $1.20.

EZE-Scorer Targets


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