Nikon Rifle Scopes

Nikon Rifle Scopes

Nikon scopeThe Nikon Riflescopes were arrayed on the table before Homes like the pieces of the puzzle that they were. Homes turned his sharp eye over them, and I could tell that my master was deducing much more than their precision opticals and rugged construction. When he looked at the Nikon Monarch, I knew that he could see that the Extra Low Dispersion glass would have given unmatched clarity and resolution.  My master, Homes, was Cantebury’s premier detective.

“Homes,” the police detective stepped forward and looked at the riflescopes. “I tell you, the murderer had to have used the M223.”

“Negative,” Homes cried, grabbing the scope from the detective. “Notice that this scope has a super-wide field of view. The murderer could have only had a narrow field.” He carefully placed the scope back on the table and picked up the Nikon Monarch Gold. “This scope is perfect for low light hunting. But I deduce that the murderer operated in daylight, so the murderer cannot be the man who owns the Monarch Gold.”

The police detective nodded as I wrote down Homes comments. “Dr. Whereoff,” My master turned to me. “Tell the police detective why the murderer is not the man who owns the Nikon Monarch African.” He lit his pipe.

I cleared my throat and picked up the well-balanced African Riflescope. “Officer, the Nikon Monarch African scope is made especially for fast, dangerous game. For situations where it is good to have both eyes open. The man who hunts with this scope is too brave to be the murderer. Our victim was found shot in the back.”

Homes nodded, but frowned. “Dr. Whereoff, you forget the most important clue!” He strode over to the Nikon Monarch X scope, the well-known long-distance riflescope, but then he bypassed it for the Turkey Pro BTR. “This scope wasn’t used either. For the hunter who goes after turkey, or coyotes,” he touched the Coyote Special Riflescope, “they are patient. This murder was a crime of passion.” He looked at me. “And we both know that both of those scopes have antiglare technology. The victim spoke of the glint of glass from the weapon, before he died.”

Homes bypassed the Laser IRT riflescope. It combined the powers of a rangefinder with the deadliness of a Nikon riflescope. He also passed over the Encore Handgun Riflescope, for the murderer had been shot by a rifle. This also cut out the Slughunter, Nikon’s dependable and accurate riflescope made just for shotguns. There weren’t many scopes left. All that remained were the Nikon Dot Sight, which has variable dot sizes available, the Omega, which is made for muzzleloaders, the Buckmaster which allows a whopping 92% light transmission for its price range, and the ProStaff, a scope that offers a wide field of view and unbelievably crisp images for its price range.

It looked as if the Case of the Mysterious Riflescope Murderer was going to remain unsolved, but then Homes reached down a grabbed what looked like thin air, but in his long wiry hand was another riflescope. The camouflage was so perfect on the Nikon RealTree than I hadn’t even seen it on the table.

“How did you know that was the scope?” The police officer sputtered as his fellow officers grabbed the owner of the scope, a scraggly chimneysweep from Leeds.

“It’s elementary, my dear Whereoff.” Homes turned to me. “I knew the murderer had been right there, in broad daylight, working fast, and almost invisible. Only the RealTree could offer that kind of blending in to the surroundings.” He nodded to the police officers. “Now, Whereoff, let us continue the hunt.” He grabbed the Monarch Gold as he hustled us toward our next case.

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