Nikon Monarch Rifle Scopes

Nikon Monarch Rifle Scopes

The Nikon Monarch Riflescope, with its 4x magnification zoom and BDC reticle provided flexibility with shooting distance and Nikon’s ultra ClearCoat optical system would draw in the dimmest of light, up to 95% transmission. It was waterproof, shockproof and fogproof. The Eco Glass lenses would provide a big, bright and sharp picture. Will paid attention to his friends.

Christopher was saying, “There’s a green dragon ahead, so I’ve prepared poison resistance.”

Darren glanced at Will’s box. “Whatcha got, Will?”

“Stay in the game,” Sam said.

Darren rolled his eyes. “Okay. But I’ve already got poison resist.”

Will cut in. “Bought a new riflescope. It’s a Nikon Monarch. Look, it has a locking side focus parallax adjustment, 4 inches of eye relief, and magnification numbers that are viewable from the shooting position.” He took the scope out of the box and held it up to the light. It gleamed like a treasure found in the pits of a dungeon.

“I’m jealous,” Erik said. “I’ve read about them. All Nikon Monarch riflescopes feature the Interchangeable Turret Technology System. The Long Range series have a minimum magnification of 3x and some use Nikon’s advanced extra-low dispersion glass to eliminate chromatic aberration. The huge 50mm objective lens gives optimum brightness.”

Sam scowled. “Stay in the game.”

Will smiled. “Fine. I’m putting a Nikon Monarch scope on my crossbow.”

Sam moved a small dragon statue in the middle of the board. “I can’t blame you. Too bad it’s not my Nikon Monarch Gold Series, though. They are the pinnacle of technology and engineering. They feature greater strength, larger internal lenses, enhanced resolution, quick focus eyepiece and a broader light path.”

Christopher took the scope from Erik. “Superlative.” He balanced the scope on his fingers.

Darren muttered. “Let me,” he held out his hand to Christopher. “I’ve heard about the Nikon Monarch X Riflescopes. They’re designed for professionals and will perform excellently for tens of thousands of rounds. They have larger internal lenses.”

Sam said, “I’ve been patient about this scope thing. They wouldn’t have it in this world. Save it for the weekend.”

Will smiled. “Nikon Monarch African Riflescopes use a German #4 reticle, which is the proven choice for dangerous game hunting. The hand-turn adjustments help you get zeroed in quicker and maintain your settings–even with heavy recoil. It’s specifically designed for dangerous game hunting in Africa. It has a huge field of view and the power range keeps shooters on target in fast situations where you want both eyes open.” Will smiled at Sam. “Like when you are hunting dragons with a crossbow.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Will’s character has a Nikon Monarch African Riflescope on his crossbow. It will help him kill the dragon because the optics are fully multicoated for crystal clear viewing, maximum resolution and excellent performance in low-light situations.” He looked at Will. “Your turn.”

Will tapped his dice on the riflescope for good luck. “I’m going to attack the dragon with my crossbow. Because of the riflescope, he’s no longer out of range.” He rolled. The dice tumbled precipitously.

“You killed the dragon!” Christopher laughed.

“Thanks to my Nikon Monarch African Riflescope, which gives shooters increased versatility with almost any kind of rifle, with any caliber, and in any imaginable hunting situation,” Will laughed. “Who’s on for this weekend?” He knocked over the little dragon figurine in the middle of the table. “My deer’s going to go down even easier than this dragon.”

Nikon Monarch Rifle Scope
Nikon Monarch Rifle Scope

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