Nikon Monarch Binoculars

Nikon Monarch Binoculars

The crispness of the aspen woods in morning shadow brings all of your senses alive and you bugle, sounding out into the echoing void. You’ve practiced for days, getting that elk call to sound just right. With any luck, the bull will think you’re a satellite elk.  A threat he needs to face. The call rings across the field and you hear a reply, a guttural whistle that sends shivers down your back.

These past few days you’ve explored the mountains, discovering the herd’s patterns through the lens of your Nikon Monarch Binoculars. Open mountain fields back up to the woods, and the commanding peaks of the high range march high to the west. The sun has not yet risen, the morning is dim and glorious.  A rustle in the leaf litter, a passing shadow down below the slopes, and you look through your trusty binoculars.

Covered with a rubber armored exterior that provides added shock resistance and a firm grip, they functioned well even when you slipped off that granite outcrop when that rattlesnake sounded at your feet. The Nikon binoculars took less of a dent than your pride. Now you lean against the aspens and scan the field. Even in this dim light, you can see fine because the binoculars use the latest optical technology, featuring a high-reflective dielectric multilayer prism coating to gather the light, bringing into focus your quarry. And there he is. The bull elk.

It’s easy to maintain a view of him, the binoculars feature long eye relief and click-stop eyecups that don’t get in the way of your pesky glasses. He’s got at least twelve points, and a gleam in his eye that says he’s looking for a fight. Or perhaps the gleam is just the amazing technology of the prisms that feature phase-correction coatings and high reflection mirrors to give you that superior sharpness and resolution.  Monarch binoculars provide power and performance. It doesn’t matter if you spilled your coffee, they’re fully waterproof and don’t worry about changes in temperature or humidity, these binoculars are fogproof with fully multicoated lenses for maximum light transmission and image quality.  The X series has amazing light-gathering power, the Dream Season All Terrain Binoculars keep the high quality Nikon optics tied in with the Mossy Oak Obsession (R) camouflage coating that is essential to a hunter while the ATB (All Terrain Binocular) is incredibly rugged for its value. So lightweight at 20 ounces and under 5 inches in length, the ATB will give incredible field performance.  Its lenses are made of Eco-Glass (they don’t contain arsenic or lead).

A quick turn of the ergonomic easy-to-adjust enlarged central focus knob, and there, beneath the granite outcrop, stands the magnificent elk.

All Nikon binoculars are covered by Nikon’s 25-year limited warranty and the exclusive No-Fault Repair/Replacement policy.

nikon monarch 12x42 binoculars
Nikon Monarch 12×42 Binoculars

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