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The tornado sirens went off, and Grandpa Turk opened the blinds. He grabbed his Nikon EDG binoculars and stared across the broad Oklahoma landscape. The EDG binoculars had dielectric high-reflective prism coatings and a field flattener lens system for a bright, crisp, high resolution image. There it was, a black, greenish cloud. His grandson would be right in the middle of it.

Byron brought his specially-modified storm chasing vehicle, the Twister Dog, off to the side of the road and grabbed his Action Zoom, smooth focusing binoculars. Their comfortable grip and aspherical eyepiece lens eliminated image distortion. “It’s coming this way.” This F3 tornado was rumbling down tornado alley like it knew what it was doing. “Is the radar picking this up?” The driver, Ronan checked the laptop between them and stared at the storm with his own binoculars, a sleek compact 4×10 DCF from Nikon. “We need to get in there and get some data.”

Ronan nodded and put the truck in gear. The HD video camera on the roof would be capturing all of this. Byron called up Sean, their pal who was coming at this storm from the south. “You got this?”

Sean pulled up his binoculars, Monarch X, Nikon’s premier hunting binoculars, as he drove down the road between cornfields that were battered and bruised. Multilayer-coated lenses and O-ring sealing kept his binoculars working in all kinds of weather. Hail had already come in. He could see the swirling clouds, the debris flying through the air. “It’s coming your way.”

Byron and Ronan drove straight for the huge storm and all the rain made Bryon wonder if he should have gotten a pair of the 7×50 IF HP WP Tropical Marine binoculars. He could use their compass. Their tornado probe would collect the wind speed. “Get down! Here it comes!” The black wind was over them, howling like a manic Doppler shift. They were engulfed in the storm, and the Twister Dog rolled. Byron lost his Action Zoom binoculars in the crash. Soon it was over, and they had survived. Byron unbuckled. “Where’s it heading?” He found his rugged binoculars, whose armor offered shock resistance and a firm, comfortable grip and jumped outside.

Debris was still flying around his head, and he jammed his binoculars to his head. “Look, it’s going right for Grandpa’s house.”

“I don’t know how you can tell.” Ronan replied from the battered Twister Dog.

Nikon binoculars have wide fields of view and superior optics.” He called Grandpa Turk. “Get down, it’s coming your way!” His Grandpa answered the phone. “I’ll get in the basement. You boys all right?”

Byron could hear his grandpa climb down the stairs and he watched with his binoculars as the F3 tore off the roof of his Grandpa’s house. Good thing he had warned him. His Nikon Action Zoom binoculars had saved the day.

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