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Mountaineer Sports Introduces Rescue One CDS II

Mountaineer Sports, the authority on treestand fall protection, is Revolutionizing Fall Safety™ by announcing the patented Rescue One Controlled Descent System II™ for hunters. Rescue One CDS II™ Full Body Harness System stops your fall, and then enables you to safely lower yourself to the ground, thereby avoiding potentially fatal suspension trauma.

Created by a physician, Rescue One CDS II™ retains the user in an upright position in the event of a fall, a vital feature that aids in your recovery and ability to return to safety. The strong, lightweight, comfortable full body harness is constructed of durable materials and is easy to install. The system has been certified to TMA Standards by an independent testing laboratory.

“This is the most importance piece of equipment you will every carry into the woods,” stated Dr. Norman Wood, inventor of the system. “Most hunters do not fully realize the threat of suspension trauma, which can be fatal. If, for any reason, you fall and are unable to recover to a standing position, you can die in as little as 5 to 30 minutes. NASA studies have shown their personnel becoming unconscious in as little as 4 minutes while suspended in a harness and death will shortly follow unconsciousness. You must always use your full body harness correctly or it could cost you dearly,” explains Wood.

The easy to use Controlled Descent System (CDS) allows safe, controlled descent to the ground, up to 30 feet, by pulling down on the brake strap. You control the brake and your speed of descent. The line will not deploy unless you activate the CDS. The new smaller diameter, super strong line has less weight and bulk than the original harness.

For a video demonstration of the Rescue One CDS II™ and more information visit www.rescueonecds.com or call 1-877-683-7678 or Email mountaineersports@live.com.

Rescue One CDS and other Mountaineer Sports products are available online from Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, Sportsman’s Guide, Draves Archery, Outdoor Shopping Network and Whitebox Stoves. They are also available in Bass Pro Shops, and Gander Mountain retail stores. For a complete list of dealers near you visit www.rescueonecds.com and click on “buy online.”

Dr. Norman Wood 1-877-683-7678 mountaineersports@live.com


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