Moultrie Introduces Panoramic Camera

Moultrie Introduces Panoramic Camera


Alabaster, Alabama – Moultrie Products, LLC once again revolutionizes game scouting with their first panoramic game camera, the Panoramic 150. The innovative design uses three infrared motion sensors and a silently moving lens to cover a super-wide, 150-degree detection area – three times the area of a typical game camera!

Since entering the game camera market over 10 years ago, Moultrie has strived to capture more scouting information for hunters and game managers. The 8.0 megapixel Panoramic 150 offers unprecedented coverage. With three different motion sensors, each covering a 50-degree detection zone, the camera’s Silent-Slide lens rotates to take photos or videos in the zone where motion is detected.

The Panoramic 150 offers the choice of two capture modes. In Panoramic Mode, the camera captures three photos from each 50-degree zone and assembles them into a single, 48:9 extra-wide image; providing 150-degree coverage. In Single Mode, the camera detects game and then silently rotates the lens to capture individual 16:9 widescreen photos and videos from the area where motion is detected. The single image or video will provide a 50-degree field of view.

Additionally, the Panoramic 150 provides extraordinary picture clarity. Featuring Moultrie’s Illumi-Night sensor, this camera’s low glow infrared flash reaches up to 100 feet at night. Motion Freeze reduces nighttime blur, leaving no question how many points are on that trophy buck. Plus, video is captured in 720p high definition for clear footage.

The Panoramic 150 also features time-lapse and multi-shot modes. New Moultrie camouflage will keep the camera undetected, and integrated mounting brackets can accommodate a Python® cable for added security. Capture up to 9,000 images on a single set of 6 C-cell batteries and expand memory up to 32GB with an SD card.

Moultrie’s Panoramic 150 retails for $249.99 and will be available early 2013.

Company Description

Moultrie is the most recognizable game management brand in the industry. Moultrie develops and manufactures feeders, spreaders, sprayers, scouting cameras, feed supplements and accessories for deer, turkeys, hogs and fish. With over 30 years of experience, Moultrie is an expert in game observation and management. Moultrie is a division of PRADCO Outdoor brands. You can visit Moultrie on the web at

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