MINOX Lifetime Warranty Means What It Says

MINOX Lifetime Warranty Means What It Says

A lot of products come with a warranty, but you have to read the fine print to determine what it really means. Not so with the MINOX Lifetime Total Coverage Warranty.

It is truly a no-fault, no-worry, no-hassle warranty that protects against any manufacturing defects, functional failures and any accidental damage, including breakage, water damage or other unintentional damage. The MINOX warranty covers

all of their non-electronic binoculars, spotting scopes and riflescopes for the lifetime of the product.

“Along with our high quality and innovative products, we provide an outstanding, second-to-none warranty,” said Thorsten Kortemeier, executive chairman of MINOX, one of the oldest and most storied German optics companies. “We stand behind our products and want buyers to have peace of mind when purchasing MINOX optics.”

To put the warranty into effect, the owner must register within 30 days of purchase. For full details, check the MINOX website at: www.minox.com/usa and be sure to click on the American flag to be on the MINOX USA homepage.

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EDITORS: For more details, contact: Tom Ables, Venture. Phone 619-234-7312 or e-mail taventur@gmail.com
To Contact MINOX/USA: Phone 603-287-4840 (Greg Clark) or e-mail usa@minox.com FAX: 603-287-4834; web site www.minox.com/usa

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