Milwaukee® M12™ Heated Jacket Available in Realtree AP™ Camo

Milwaukee® M12™ Heated Jacket Available in Realtree AP™ Camo

Milwaukee- Electric Tool Corporation is expanding the industry’s largest sub-compact battery system with the M12™ Realtree AP™ Heated Jacket to be available this fall. Coupled with Milwaukee innovation and powered by RED LITHIUM™ battery technology, the Realtree AP camo jacket provides unmatched performance for the outdoorsmen.

Thanks to its compatibility with the entire line of M12™ professional power tools, users can utilize the same battery they’ve used all day on the jobsite for a weekend of hunting or fishing. Features include a special fabric blend to reduce noise during movement, a concealed heat controller and a back tag patch to visibly display hunting licenses.

Designed with best-in-class durability, the jacket will actively warm the body and stimulate blood circulation in even the coldest conditions. Hidden in a sleek back pocket, which can now expand to hold an XC battery, the M12™ RED LITHIUM™ battery delivers superior runtime, with up to six hours of continuous heat on a single battery charge.

Providing unparalleled warmth and comfort, the new heated jacket utilizes three carbon fiber heating zones, positioned in key areas, to warm the user’s core. This durable heating element can be set to high, medium, or low with a simple touch of a button. The controller for the M12™ Realtree AP™ Heated Jacket is concealed just inside the lapel so that the blinking light of the controller is not visible while the user is trying to blend in to his or her surroundings. The heated jacket is also water- and wind-resistant to provide comfort and durability in harsh environments.

Available this fall.

$199.00 (includes: jacket, (1) red lithium battery, battery controller and 30 minute charger) suggested retail price point for the jacket only will be $149.00 (includes: jacket and battery holder)

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