MGM Targets Big Hit at 2011 Shot Show

MGM Targets Big Hit at 2011 Shot Show

Mike Gibson, President of MGM Targets, came back from the 2011 Shot Show with a huge smile on his face. After many years of travelling to the Shot Show and displaying many of the MGM wares over those years he stated, “This was the best Shot Show I have ever attended. Not just the Show itself but the crowd’s reaction to our new products was absolutely overwhelming. Never have we ever had so much interest and generated so much in sales as we did this year. If I had to sum up our reaction in one word it would simply be ‘WOW.’ Greatest Show e-v-e-r,” he emphasized.

MGM travelled with a larger entourage than normal to the show knowing they had a lot of new things to talk about. They displayed the only pneumatically driven, self-contained, auto-reset target on the market. The ReCon, as it is known, gathered a crowd every time they simulated a bullet strike to the target face plate. The target would fall and then slowly rise back up to the fully upright position in a matter of seconds. One amazed military member claimed, “This is absolutely incredible! Out on the range we are so tired of walking two or three hundred yards to replace plastic gears or shear pins. This is going to save us a lot of time and frustration. This design is so simple. So few parts that can go wrong. Incredible.”

Marketing Manager, Jim Potter, said, “This is the kind of reaction that the ReCon got every time over the 4 day exposition. We are very proud of the acceptance this has found in all market segments, military, law enforcement, and the general shooting industry. We were also very excited about the response our new IPSC Auto-Reset Target received.” The IPSC AR, as it is known, was unveiled at this year’s Shot Show also. This spring loaded, quick resetting target is placed on a tube steel H-base for stability and is similar to MGM’s very popular US Popper Auto-Reset target. Potter stated, “Based on our success with the US Popper Auto-Reset target it was only natural for us to follow up the design with a different silhouette. We chose the IPSC silhouette because it is such an integral part of the industry. With the response we got across the board at the Show we know it will be as big of a great success.”

Director of Business Development, Paul LaFrance, spent many hours at the Show talking with both military and law enforcement agencies across this country and around the world expounding on the qualities of the $117,000 shoot house that MGM just started marketing. MGM has been building shoot houses for many years but this one is designed to make it economically feasible for most people to afford. “I was particularly excited about all of the global connections we made at this year’s show. The interest level from our friends overseas was particularly satisfying to me. The quality of our product line has gained an international following and it is up to us to capitalize on this,” he stated. “Our ability to supply these groups with an affordable shoot house is just one of many things we have to offer. With budgets being squeezed everywhere, delivering a product that offers quality at an affordable price is going to be key to any company’s success. The people who can deliver both price and quality will be well placed when the economy recovers and MGM intends to be that company,” he continued.

With projects such as the ReCon, the IPSC Auto-Reset, and a 1760 square foot shoot house for only $117,000 it appears that MGM is indeed making dramatic new strides in capturing more market share in the future. Mike Gibson summed it up this way, “My people have been charged with making us the major player in this industry and I feel we have the pieces in place to get this done. I look forward to the hard work and dedication that it will take to achieve this goal.”

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