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Meopta Flip-Open Binocular Eyepiece Covers


HAUPPAUGE, NY- Meopta USA, a global leader in precision sports optics, introduces the new MeoCapTM flip-open binocular eyepiece covers. These innovative individual eyepiece covers protect vulnerable ocular lenses while hunting in rough terrain, hiking or attending a favorite sporting event and, when flipped open for use, shield eyes from peripheral light entering between the user’s eyes and the binocular. Those who have spent a lot of time glassing know how much light interference can diminish the viewing experience and, for those who wear eyeglasses, it can be even more uncomfortable.

“This accessory exemplifies the type of innovative solutions that drive our business at Meopta,” said Reinhard Seipp, general manager and COO of Meopta USA. “High-end optics manufacturers, including ourselves, spend millions on R&D trying to squeeze every last ounce of transmission through a binocular but too often all that effort is nullified in the field by stray light entering between the eyes and the ocular. This simple solution solves this problem and allows the user to enjoy the full benefit of our amazing glass.”

Meopta’s MeoCap eyepiece covers with LightFoil technology work with most full-size binoculars on the market today and open outward to form a barrier between the user’s eyes and any peripheral light trying to enter the eyecups. The result is an amazingly bright, clear, relaxing and distraction-free view.

MeoCap Key Features

– Tough ABS construction is durable and weatherproof. Simple hinge system contains no metal parts or springs to lose or break. Caps close securely for total lens protection.

– Flip-open covers improve the optical performance of any binocular by blocking peripheral light from entering between the user’s eyes and the eyecups.

– Makes viewing more comfortable by reducing eyestrain. Improves contrast by isolating your subject from outside light interference. Perfect for eyeglass wearers.

– Proprietary fit system uses unique radially aligned inserts to provide a positive grip onto the eyecup and can be changed to fit a wide variety of eyecup sizes.

– Sculpted, form-fitting design adds less than half a millimeter to the eyecup surface for no reduction in eye relief.

MSRP: $23.99

About Meopta
The Meopta Group is a U.S. family-owned, multinational company with facilities in the United States and Europe. Founded in 1933 in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), Meopta is a leading manufacturing partner to many of the world’s finest optical brands. In their Czech facility, Meopta conceives, develops and manufactures precision optical and electro/optical systems for semiconductor, medical, aerospace and military industries as well as for consumer markets. In their New York plant, precision optical products are manufactured and assembled to exacting standards in clean-room environments for the military, industrial and consumer markets.

For more information regarding Meopta, please visit www.meoptausa.com.

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