Magnalight Releases Perko Mount Remote Control HID Spotlight

Magnalight Releases Perko Mount Remote Control HID Spotlight

Larson Electronics’ has added a GL-9100H-S Perko pole mount HID Spotlight with integrated red and green running lights. Producing a 5,000 foot beam and an operator controlled 360 degree rotation and 140 degrees of tilt, this high powered searchlight is ideal replacement for standard Perko pole mount navigation lights on boats and watercraft. introduced the GL-9100H-S remote controlled HID spotlight on a Perko pole mount with red and green navigation lights. The pole fits into a standard Perko compatible 2 or 3 pin socket, and will automatically illuminate the integrated running lights when the operator switches them on. A separate handheld and/or dash mount radio controller with enable the boater to turn on the spotlight and control the beam direction with simple 4 button controls. The radio based remote controls do not require a separate wire to be run to the light, saving the boater time and money. While a standard Perko mount socket is included with the remote control High Intensity Discharge (HID) spotlight, most boat owners will find that their boat already has a compatible Perko mount socket available. Operators can choose from 6 inch, 12 inch, 24 inch or even 42 inch long poles and mount the HID spotlight by simply placing the base of the pole in the socket and twisting the locking collar in place. Once secure, boaters can use the spotlight to navigate away from logs, crab pots and other obstacles, even at high speeds. End the end of the night, operators can secure the lights safely in the cabin when docked at public facilities. The 3000 lumen output GL-9100H-S draws less than 4 amps and is priced under $600.

“With a 5000 foot adjustable direction beam and instant compatibility with the wide base of Perko sockets, these wireless remote control spotlights improve a boat operator’s safety and navigation abilities,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ “These remote controlled boat searchlights are easy to install and use, and are as effective as larger high voltage spotlights found on larger vessels. Plus, boat operators can power these using the same wiring, socket and switch already found in most boats. Most importantly, they don’t require a generator set to produce similar power to larger high pressure sodium lights or metal halides with better color rendition.”

Larson Electronics’ offers a wide array of LED and HID boat lights, ranging from remote control searchlights to high powered extreme environment LED lighting to replace high powered metal halide and high pressure sodium lights. You can learn more at or 1-800-369-6671 (1- 903-498-3363 international).

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