Magnalight Adds Dimmable LED Spotlight

Magnalight Adds Dimmable LED Spotlight

Magnalight Adds Dimmable LED Spotlight for Hunting and Work Applications Larson Electronic’s added a new dimmable LED spotlight for hunting and work applications. Drawing less then 1 amp on 12 volts and .5 amp on 24 volts, the HL-85-10W1-D LED spotlight offers a familiar pistol grip handheld style and a dial for dimming the LED light output.

Operators can use this dimmable LED spotlight to create the light intensity that best allows them to see their target work area without sacrificing their eye’s ability to adjust to the area around them. Larson Electronics’ revealed the latest addition to an extensive line of LED spotlights. The HL-85-10W1-D–800-foot-beam–9-32-volts-dc–coil-cord.aspx [dimmable LED spotlight] features a magnetic base, 16 foot detachable coil cord, cigarette plug and an inline PWM for dimming the LED light output. The new LED handheld spotlight operates on 9-42 Volts DC and draws less than 1 amp. Weighing less than 1 pound, the pistol grip style spotlight enables operators in hunting or work applications to adjust the intensity of the LED light output to best suit their requirements.

“Whether someone is hunting or working, this dimmable LED spotlight enables the operator to find the light output that doesn’t just illuminate the immediate area, but also allows their eyes to continue to adjust to the darkness around them,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’

“Sometimes you need power and distance to identify objects at distance, but if you use that intense light on a nearby work area, your eyes lose their ability to see anything around you. So the key to this dimmable LED spotlight is that the operator can adjust the [LED light] output to the level that allows their eyes to adjust to the immediate work area and the surroundings. The time of night, cloud cover, the operator’s eye condition and other factors make the level of LED light dimming vary all the time. The operator can simply adjust the dial to create the appropriate level of light for their particular needs. Many operators use red filters or red light to achieve this same effect, but they lose intensity, distance and color correct object identification.”

Larson Electronics’ offers a wide variety of LED lighting, including explosion proof LED lights, LED hunting lights, LED boat lights and [LED infrared lights]. You can learn more about Larson Electronics at or 1-800-369- 6671.

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