Leupold VX-II Riflescopes

Leupold VX-II Riflescopes

It was just a routine expedition for Will, until he locked eyes with the Tyrannosaurus Rex. There shouldn’t have been a dinosaur there, but there was. He had pulled his raft up on the shore and he had waded into the stream to where the big rock reached out of the water. The mighty dinosaur was on the other side of his tiny raft, and it was swishing its tail like an angry cat. Like a hungry angry cat that didn’t want to wade in for dinner. Will wished that he had his weapon, fixed with his Gloss Black, Leupold VX-II Riflescope, made from aircraft quality aluminum alloy with a 1-inch maintube diameter. But it was in the raft, almost directly under the dinosaur. He knew that if the worst happened, he’d get a good shot because the VX-II has Leupold durability and crisp optical quality that comes from the Multicoat 4 (R) lens system. And he’d set the magnification indicator with 1/4 MOA click adjustments perfectly.

The scope would zoom in on that dinosaur, giving an image with increased brightness, clarity and contrast even in low light. He stepped into the fast flowing water towards the shore, towards the raft. He could see his rifle. The Tyrannosaurus stepped toward the raft also, its mighty foot sending tremors through the rocks under Will’s feet. “You just leave my stuff alone, you big lizard,” Will muttered as he stared right into the dinosaur’s eyes. The dinosaur reached forward gaping its mouth slightly, hunger glinting deep inside those evil eyes. Wherever it had come from, it hadn’t learned to be afraid of man. Hungrily, it grabbed Will’s raft, shook its neck and flung all of his expedition supplies across the field and into the stream. He saw his firearm arch through the air, but he didn’t worry. He knew that it would perform dependably; even his scope could take a beating. It wouldn’t lose its crisp image because it has a 3x Single Bias spring Erector magnification system. It landed near a strange-looking tree.

The dinosaur roared at him, and Will stepped back, thinking for a moment that confronting a full grown T-Rex might not be the best idea he’d ever had. But he stepped closer to his weapon, keeping his eyes on the dinosaur. The Tyrannosaurus Rex watched every move that Will made, but then it tilted its head as if it heard something, made a chirp like a bird, and glanced out at the field behind it. In a moment, moving faster than Will thought a creature that big could move, it twisted around on its great big feet and ran a thousand feet away from Will, sending ripples through the earth like the greatest earthquake ever known. Buoyed by new courage, Will cried out, “Yeah, run away. Get out of here.”

It ran across the field, and he watched it pounce, its tail swinging up above its head as it speared its nose down into the ground. It came up with blood trickling down its mouth, and a writhing dinosaur in between its teeth. He ate it in two bites, and then he turned to Will, as if to say, “You’ll be dessert.”

“I’m lost. Lost in this strange land.” Will muttered, flinging his hand out for his weapon as the Tyrannosaurus charged. It shook the ground, blood dripped from its teeth as it approached.  Will pulled his weapon to his cheek, the lockable fast-focus eyepiece on the 1-4x20mm model bringing the dinosaur into clear range. The scope was so comfortable with its 3.7 inch eye relief that he could have taken all day to make his shot. But the Tyrannosaurus Rex was too fast. He was coming like a meteor.  With a resounding crack that echoed up and down the streambed, Will took out his game before his game could take him out.

Yeah, it was just a routine expedition.

leupold vx-ii rifle scope

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