Leupold Rifle Scopes

Leupold Rifle Scopes

Leupold Superfriends

The Leupold Superfriends protected the Northern City from all the types of creatures that could come out of the forest to destroy the peaceful lives of its citizens. Once again, the calm evening at the Leupold Hall of Optics was shattered when the report came in from the frantic mayor.” A monster deer is rampaging the city. Please help us with your ultra high performing optics, Leupold Superfriends!” he wrung his hands.

The Leupold Superfriends gathered around the display, watching the amazing forty story creature smash its antlers into the sides of buildings.

VX cracked his knuckles as he watched the destruction. “This deer thought it could sneak in under the cover of twilight, but it will be no match for my Xtended Twilight Lens System and  Light Optimization Profile. He won’t be able to hide from  my huge field of view.”

“That deer monster won’t stand a chance against us,” Rifleman agreed as he polished his Wide Duplex reticle. “It’s smashing things, but we’re accurate, durable, rugged and shockproof. No knocking us about cross country is going to take off our alignment. Right?” FX agreed while tapping on his virtually indestructible Diamond Coat 2 lens coating.

“To the Leupold Limo,” cried Rimfire. “It won’t stand a chance against our precision shots on small targets.”

The Superfriends filled the limo, their uniforms an elegant mix of matte black, satin black, gloss black and silver. Ultralight, being lighter than everyone else, stuck his head out the roof while those who had Ballistics Aiming Systems were firing up for their accurate, long range shots. They were ready for the deer monster.

When they arrived at the docks, the deer monster had made a mess of everything. Windows were broken, cars were upside down, people were running and screaming. The Superfriends got out of their limo, and Shotgun/Muzzleloader got close to the deer monster. He was ideally suited for fast, close-range action. Deltapoint Reflex stood beside him, his motion sensor activated.

The deer monster screamed out a challenge, and smashed a bus. People ran in fear as steam billowed out of the deer monster’s nostrils.

The Superfriends used their wide range of reticles and high performance optics to take out that deer. Handgun was fast and accurate, taking quick shots from around the corner of the smashed bus, while European-30 make quick metric shots, deadly into the deer’s heart. Competition took up his post on the thirtieth floor and with his extreme magnification, made incredibly precise shots into the center of the deer monster’s eye.

The deer monster was looking weakened. It screamed out a challenge that made the Superfriends cover their ears, and then it attacked them with its sharp hooves. It did a lot of damage. As they were about to fall back, Mark 4 showed up. His strengths of a red dot sight and flexibility of variable power made him good for everything from 50 to 700 meters to giant deer monsters. Tactical, dependable, with the reach and power and high performance of the Leupold Superfriends, the deer monster fell.

Once more, Leupold’s Superfriends had saved the city.

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