Leupold Mark-4 Scopes

Leupold Mark-4 Scopes

Rule #1, always bring your firearms, fitted with Leupold Mark 4 riflescopes constructed of 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum alloy, when you are clearing out a nest of zombies. My weapon has a Mark 4 riflescope. A weapon with a superior scope can mean the difference between having a zombie eat your brain and survival. With an index matched lens system lens coating, a lockable eyepiece focus design that has generous eye relief, side focus parallax adjustment, 3x twin bias spring erector magnification system, and rugged waterproofing technology, I trust that my Leupold Mark 4 riflescope will consistently help me bring terror to the living dead.  How many times have you been stuck on the interstate, the shuffling creatures coming at you, their arms extended and the maggots crawling on their skin only to have wasted your ammo with bad shots?

That happened to my friend, Leroy. He didn’t use a riflescope. Now he’s a zombie.  We were holed up in our SUV out on the interstate, out of gas, past sunset, and the zombies were coming for us.  I took out  my weapon fitted with a Leupold Mark 4 LR/T long range scope. Its Mil Dot reticle is fully illuminated and is compatible with night vision. This is the same scope that was used by the U.S. army M-24 sniper system for their daytime ops. Its got superior edge-to-edge sharpness across the visual field and it’s the scope I use for the low light situations near dawn or dusk that zombies seem to prefer. I flipped open its lens cover and as the creature slogged its way into the crosshairs of my Mil dot reticle, I blew its brains out. (Or, probably, the brains of the innocent victims that they had eaten that evening.)

An especially gruesome zombie with only one arm staggered out from behind a tipped over semi truck. He came for us, and I could hear him moaning, “brains.” I put his armless chest in my sites and I took him out. Two more zombies clawed their way out of the ditch, and I let them have it.

The noise of the bullets rang in my ears for a moment, and I screamed as I cleared the world of evil. But when I stopped shooting, there was silence. My friend was gone, the door of the SUV hanging open. He hadn’t had a scope on his rifle, either the Leupold Mark 4 ER/T or the Mark 4 MR/T. The extended range scope can give you a good clear shot of zombies up to distances up to 2,000m. They have a front focal plane reticle which stays at a constant size compared to the target at all magnifications. It’s got pristine clarity across the entire visual field, even at 25x. The midrange Mark 4 MR/T is good for zombies coming at you anywhere from 50 to 700 meters.  But, like I said, Leroy didn’t have a scope, he always blathered on about how he had the “eyes of a falcon” and so he didn’t need one. And the zombies  got him. I wondered how they liked the taste of his eyeballs.

It’s not easy living in the last days of a zombie plague.  Things like chocolate chip cookies, sunrises, and my Leupold Mark 4  rifle scope, keep me from the clutches of all my zombie friends.

leupold mark-4 rifle scope
Mark-4 Scope by Leupold

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